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List Of Area Codes By State

Updated: June 23rd 2021




District of Columbia
















New Hampshire
North Dakota
Rhode Island
South Dakota













Your Guide To Area Codes

Looking for the right area code may seem to be a daunting task. With thousands of American area codes available, it is easy to become confused by the many options. However, every area code in the United States is unique, and is utilized only in predetermined regions. As a result, it is surprisingly easy to find the perfect area code when you have the right tools available to you. When looking at area codes, it is good to first familiarize yourself with how area codes work. In 1947, area codes were assigned to every major area in the United States. In the years that followed, many cities experienced major population growth that the area codes were unable to keep with. The arrival of cell phones and pagers added another complication, along with the popularity of having additional phone lines. After cell phones and pagers entered the market, many families would have several phone numbers with one in particular assigned to each member of the family. Area codes were forced to keep up with this demand, but there were often not enough phone numbers to compensate for the massive cell phone usage. Combined with the huge population growth that has occurred in North America during the last century, cell phone use essentially forced many cities to add additional area codes.

Overlays And Splits

Adding area codes to a city is a very simple task. Government officials meet and determine how many a particular city needs and the best way to meet that demand. One of the easiest ways to add an area code to a city is through an overlay. An overlay functions much like its name, an area code is added to a city without changing the existing area code. In fact, the new area code is laid over the old area code and both continue to thrive side by side. However, overlays are known to be confusing. After an overlay is implemented, residents in the city are required to dial the area code before the number. This procedure makes sense, as merely dialing a number without the area code can easily connect an individual to the wrong person. Many residents are annoyed by overlays that are put into effect in major cities where they have become accustomed to not needing to dial the area code before the phone number. Area code changes such as overlays can also affect business cards and merchandise, which can have a considerable impact on a company’s budge. Another way that officials meet area code demands is through splits. A split functions very differently from an overlay. In fact, a split assigns a new area code but portions of a specific region for that code. Consequently, the particular area that adopts the new code loses its old code. Residents usually favor splits, as a split does not require residents to dial the area code before the phone number. Splits are also usually put into effect in a way that upsets the least amount of people. For instance, a split will usually assign the new area code to a relatively new suburb and leave the old code for use in the historic city. There are many factors involved when choosing whether a split or overlay best fits the need of a city and officials sometimes allow residents the opportunity to voice their questions or concerns.

Choose Your Own Area Code

Many cell phone companies give consumers the chance to pick their area code when there are several available in their region. Although many people glance over this choice and choose the one that is most familiar to them, choosing the right area code could have a big impact on how you are perceived socially and professionally. Certain cities have several area codes that are known for contrasting and often conflicting claims to fame. For instance, a single region could have one area code that is known for high crime statistics and another known for tourism. There are also many area codes that are strictly educational and others that are specifically reserved for federal employees. Naturally, it quickly becomes obvious that you could tell a lot about a person based on the area code that precedes their phone number. Many area codes have gained popularity in television, films, and music. Furthermore, there are area codes that are associated with great wealth and exclusivity. Having the right area code could easily be likened to having the right address; it can serve as an affirmation of an individual’s success or failure.

Why Do You Need A Guide To Area Codes?

Knowing important facts about an area code can be very helpful in daily life. When receiving a phone call from an area that an individual is unfamiliar with, an individual’s first instinct is usually to look up the area code to see what city or state it belongs to. However, only knowing what city or state an area code belongs to does not tell you much about that person or why they might be calling you. For instance, a phone call from an area code on an Indian Reserve might remind you of your great uncle who has close connections with an Indian tribe. Only knowing that the phone call came from a small city in the desert does not give you that extra detail, but a detailed area code directory will quickly point you in the right direction. In contrast, an unsuspecting high school senior may receive a phone call from an area code that is known for its Ivy League educational institutions. It is difficult to miss the finer details that are involved with area codes when you do not have the proper information. Area codes are more than just three digits that precede a phone number; it is a something that ties a phone number to a particular place along with that place’s reputation. There are many things in life that area confusing, and area codes should not be one of them. The next time that you receive a phone call from an area code that you are not familiar with, remember us, think carefully and see if you might not be able to locate information which will better prepare you to respond to the mystery phone call.


usa area codes
canada area codes
mexico area codes
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