Area Code 935

Where Is Area Code 935?

Updated: June 27th 2021

Covering part of Southern California, the 935 area code is partly responsible for San Diego’s many residents. Looking out over the San Diego skyline you will quickly notice the huge skyscrapers contrasted with the blue waters of the Pacific Ocean. Sail boats cheerfully navigate through the coastline on the weekends and lights from the skyscrapers light up the night sky. It is undoubtedly difficult to find a locale as beautiful as San Diego that still offers all of the benefits of living in a big city. Furthermore, its close proximity to Mexico makes it easy for area code 935 residents to cross the border for a night of unforgettable and fun filled festivities.

The 935 area code is a wonderful place to be any time of the year. During the summer the weather wavers between a Mediterranean and semi-arid climate. The warm summers experience little rain and are welcomed by surfers from around the world. Winters in San Diego are also particularly pleasant with little rainfall and mild temperatures. In fact, 75% of the year is sunny in San Diego, a number that is coveted by the rest of the nation. As a result of its consistently wonderful climate, the 935 area code is enjoyed by young and old alike. Tourists especially flock to San Diego to enjoy an almost guaranteed sunny vacation. With most individuals having very few vacation days, many do not want to risk wasting one of them on a getaway that is spoiled by rain.

San Diego has a lot to brag about besides its pleasing climate. The city is incredibly wealthy and has a remarkably low crime rate. Accordingly, it is consistently ranked as one of the best places in America to live, raise a family, or pursue a new career.

However, one must note that San Diego is socially stratified. Almost 15% of the population in the 935 area code lives below the poverty line. Nevertheless, one has to keep in mind that warm and sunny climates usually attract people from every kind of background. Consequently, the poverty rating is more than likely not a flaw of San Diego but rather something that tends to accompany warmer weather.

The most notable sports teams in San Diego are the NFL Chargers and MLB Padres. Qualcomm Stadium hosts National Football League games while Petco Park is home to Major League Baseball games. The Padres’ Swinging Friar mascot is known to cheer on passionate fans with numbers up to 40,000. The NFL Chargers also have a number of fans, which makes it a good thing that their stadium can seat more than 70,000 fans. In fact, Charger games average more than 65,000 spectators in attendance in area code 935.

Major Cities In Area Code 935

San Diego

San Diego’s bustling city is surprisingly bicycling friendly. Scarce rain and sunny days make bicycling possible almost every day of the year. The downtown area of area code 935 is particularly bicycling oriented with residents recognizing that it is much easier to just jump on a bicycle. Vehicle traffic in the city can be a nightmare and parking impossible to find, which makes utility cycling the perfect choice for many San Diego residents. The grid street patterns in Downtown San Diego also make the area easy to navigate. Additionally, area code 935 offers residents and visitors with a large number of cycling activities. As a result, San Diego is rated in the United States as the best big city for cycling. San Diego undoubtedly deserves this ranking as it is much easier to navigate the 935 area code by bicycle than one in New York City.

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