Area Code 657

Where Is Area Code 657?

Updated: June 19th 2021

The 657 area code covers the cities of Anaheim, Santa Ana, and Fullerton. All of these cities are positioned within Orange County, California, a place that is synonymous with affluence and large disposable incomes. As a fairly recent Californian area code, the 657 area code is still finding its place in Orange County. In fact, the 657 area code has only been active since 2008. It was created as an overlay to area code 714, which is one of California’s original area codes. The 714 area code was created in 1951 during a flash-cut, which makes it more than fifty years older than the new 714 area code. Nevertheless, residents in Orange County enjoy the finer things in life and value the benefits that come with change.

Anaheim has the largest population in Orange County. There has been rapid growth in the Anaheim area code in recent years, and city officials are expecting the population to reach almost half a million in the next two years. Founded by Germans over one hundred and fifty years ago, Anaheim has grown from its humble roots. The heim part of the Anaheim name actually means home in German, which is fitting for all of the residents and tourists that feel at home in this portion of Orange County. Currently it is known internationally as the location of the Disneyland Resort. Furthermore, Anaheim’s year round Mediterranean climate and lack of natural disasters makes it an excellent locale for vacationers. The 657 area code also has made headlines for having the Anaheim Convention Center, which is the biggest convention center on the West Coast of the United States.

As you would have thought, Anaheim relies on tourism to fuel its economy. The Walt Disney Company supplies Anaheim with the majority of its jobs. These jobs include positions at the resort and theme park.

Luckily for Disney employees, the biggest requirement to hold a job with Disney is a happy going attitude. However, Mickey Mouse is not the only one that enjoys Anaheim. Businesses such as Panasonic, Pacific Sunwear, Kaiser Foundation, Targus, Yogurtland, and AT&T all have corporate offices in the 657 area code. Regardless, the largest employers in the city remain companies that focus on tourism. In close second are the Kaiser Foundation Hospitals and other medical centers, which tourists and locals obviously cannot live without.

Surprisingly, Anaheim is one of the safest cities in the nation despite all of the vacationers. Murders are relatively non-existent with a rate that is only 35% of the country’s average. Aggravated assaults also occur at a rate that is less than 50% of the national average. All of the good spirit at Disneyland is undoubtedly having a positive impact on residents, which is evident in the lack of crime.

Major Cities In Area Code 657



Santa Ana

Santa Ana is located right next to the Santa Ana River and a few miles away from the coast. Unlike Anaheim, happiness is not as prevalent within the Santa Ana area code. More than a quarter of its residents are below the poverty line, which makes for an extremely economically stratified city. Santa Ana is mostly Republican. This political alliance is markedly different to the rest of Orange County, which tends to lean towards the Democratic vote.

Fullerton is also located in Orange County, but it has a significantly smaller population than its neighbors. With well under 200,000 residents, it has maintained a college-town feel with the presence of California State University, Fullerton. Much like Santa Ana, Fullerton is dealing with an increasingly stratified society due to major class divisions. Affluent individuals tend to group together in the northern and western areas of Fullerton, while poorer individuals are almost banished to the south of the city. Asians and Hispanic populations are immigrating to the Fullerton area code in big numbers, which is difficult for the housing market to keep up with. In order to keep up with the population demands, there has been controversy about developing the last bits of natural land in the 657 area code. Naturally, long time residents are against this idea, favoring environmental preservation over economic growth.

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