Area Code 752

Where Is Area Code 752?

Updated: June 21st 2021

Major Cities In Area Code 752


Mickey Mouse and other Disney characters join together to happily make the city of Anaheim a blissful place to be. Visitors from all over flock to the Anaheim area codes to catch a glimpse of Mickey and friends, which has resulted in several area codes for the region. As population growth continues to increase, Anaheim has several area codes including the 752 area code. Another area code that is currently in use in Anaheim is the 714 area code, although population growth will undoubtedly exhaust numbers available under the 714 area code in the near future.

Other than Disneyland, area code 752 does have quite a few attractions. Professional sports teams are definitely the most popular attraction in the 752 area code other than Disneyland. For instance, the LA Angels and the Anaheim Ducks are a baseball and hockey team respectively and are both based out of the Anaheim area code. You could potentially check out one of their games or visit their one of their stadiums for a convention or show. The possibilities are endless in Anaheim, California.

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