Area Code 831

Where Is Area Code 831?

Updated: June 22nd 2021

The 831 area code was created as a split from the original 408 area code in the late 1990s. Covering Sana Cruz and Salinas, the 831 area code has secured itself two cities that are recognized throughout America.  Santa Cruz, California is known throughout the country for its excellent universities, beautiful landscape, outstanding surfing conditions and most importantly its liberal mindset. The University of California is the city’s top employer, providing the 831 area code with almost 5,000 jobs. UC Santa Cruz also has more than 15,000 students that are known nationally for their political activism. The educational community of Santa Cruz is also home to Bethany University. In contrast to UC Santa Cruz, Bethany University is a private Pentecostal-Christian university that supports Christian fundamentals.

The Santa Cruz area code is on the front lines of social activism. In fact, certain law enforcement is virtually nonexistent in this city. This makes sense for the city, as it is known as Surf City USA and the low key surfer lifestyle is undoubtedly associated with certain less egregious crimes. The local police recognize that their time would be better spent limiting real crime rather than focusing on young kids that have a certain affinity to small crimes. The 831 area code is also focused on important issues such as women’s rights. Protesting beauty pageants and the way that the media portrays women, Santa Cruz is making progress for women all over the country. Furthermore, Santa Cruz has passed laws that make it a Nuclear-free zone. City officials have also made headlines by criticizing the USA Patriot Act and disapproving the Iraq War. Obviously the city’s liberal tendencies are prevalent in the 831 area code.

In contrast to Santa Cruz, the Salinas area code is known for its modest suburban neighborhoods, agriculture, and as the hometown of John Steinbeck. The beautiful landscape, including vineyards, undoubtedly served as inspiration to John Steinbeck’s most famous novel, The Grapes of Wrath.

This novel won the Pulitzer Prize and secured Steinbeck’s name forever in American literature. His novel Of Mice and Men was also well received and has become a central feature of literature syllabi. Furthermore, Salinas is the central theme in Of Mice and Men, focusing on the idea of land ownership.

The Salinas portion of the 831 area code is undoubtedly best known for its production of lettuce. Almost all of the lettuce in the United States is grown in area code 831. In fact, Salinas Valley is a great environment to grow produce, which provides the city with consistent employment opportunities. Because the main industry is agriculture, the air in Salinas is kept uncontaminated. Luckily for its residents, the 831 area code has one of the best air qualities in the entire United States. Americans are undoubtedly pleased that their salad is coming from a place that has clean air.

Major Cities In Area Code 831


Santa Cruz

Residents in Salinas tend to be socially stratified. More than 50% of the city’s workers are in blue collar jobs and earn salaries that are well below their white collar counterparts. The city’s farms also provide many jobs that are not officially reported. As a result, the city’s per capita income is around $14,000 and more than 15% of the city’s population is unemployed. Nevertheless, the city’s beautiful landscape does attract wealthy individuals who tend to build homes along the edge of the city. The discrepancy in home prices results in median detached house prices around $500,000. Rent in the city is also quite high and remains steady at about $1,000 per month for a condo. Even a townhouse in the 831 area code will cost you quite a bit as they average almost $450,000. Regardless of the steep prices, the clean air and vineyards will definitely make these homes great investments for prospective buyers.

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