Area Code 627

Where Is Area Code 627?

Updated: February 25th 2021

The Sonoma Valley is an area that is known for its perfect soil for growing grapes. Santa Rosa, California is the largest city in the vineyard country of California with just over 150,000 residents. Other residents of the 627 area code that are not listed in national population statistics are the area’s deer, wild turkeys, raccoons, opossums, foxes, and rabbits. Birds of all kinds also flock to the 627 area code, in order to take advantage of the mild climate. Egrets and herons can be seen nesting in the trees that dot the busy streets of downtown Santa Rosa.

Santa Rosa is generally viewed as a smaller city. However, the 627 area code is steadily growing and modern buildings and traffic lights are popping up all over. As a result, long-time residents of the Santa Rosa area code have become unhappy with the technological advancements. The elderly community especially wants to go back to previous times when Santa Rosa was a much smaller town. Nevertheless, it is inevitably growing larger each year, which requires technological advancements to keep up with the expanding population.

The Santa Rosa area code has repeatedly made Forbes’ list of the best places for businesses and careers. However, recently they have lost their position at the top of the list due to increased property prices. People moving to the 627 area code are shocked by the high cost of housing, which has actually kept new residents away. Furthermore, job growth is stagnant as there are few companies for a large population.

Tourism definitely supports Santa Rosa’s flailing economy. The many vineyards and geological features attract many tourists each year.

With easy access to local airports, tourists find this large city in Sonoma Valley easy to access. In fact, Santa Rosa is just an hour outside of San Francisco, which makes it a great day trip for big city inhabitants or tourists. For example, local attractions include Luther Burbank Home and Gardens, Sonoma County Museum, Spring Lake Regional Park, Annadel State Park, Redwood Empire Ice Arena, and Charles M. Schulz Museum and Research Center. In fact, the Charles M. Schulz Museum and Research Center is focused on the brilliant achievements of the Peanuts comic strip’s creator. The Luther Burbank Home and Gardens is a National Historic Landmark and the original home of the well-known American horticulturist, Luther Burbank. In fact, you could actually visit the horticulturalist’s grave on the property as well as many of his horticultural creations. Many tourists also choose to take a tour of historic residential neighborhoods or to stop by Railroad Square. Even though many of the historic Santa Rosa buildings were destroyed by an earthquake in 1906, many of the Victorian style homes were able to survive. You can take a walk through history as you stroll down one of the older streets in the 627 area code that are lined by huge trees.

Major Cities In Area Code 627

Santa Rosa

Santa Rosa’s beautiful vineyards has made it the ideal location for films. Several noteworthy movies have been filmed in the 627 area code over the last seventy-five years.  For instance, classics such as Pollyanna, The Candidate, The Happy Land, Shadow of a Doubt, All My Sons, and The Sullivans all have scenes at characteristic Santa Rosa locations such as the library, railroad, or downtown area. More recent films filmed in Santa Rosa include Phenomenon, Scream, Inventing the Abbotts, Mumford, Bandits, and The Man Who Wasn’t There. Producers of Scream actually spent time in Santa Rosa in order to cast locals to use in the film. Furthermore, Drew Barrymore’s character lives in a house on Sonoma Mountain Road. Producers also tried to film scenes in the local Santa Rosa High School but they were denied due to the violent nature of the film. In fact, locals tried to keep the movie from filming all together but Craven prevailed and started to film his movie, beginning with Drew Barrymore’s scene. Ultimately production in Santa Rosa was forced to halt and the filming of Scream moved to a different city. Locals may have regretted their decision when Scream went on to be a pop icon success, winning MTV’s Best Movie Award in 1997 as well as being nominated and winning several others.

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