Area Code 276

Where Is Area Code 276?

Updated: June 27th 2021

Area code 276 is the area code for the southwest corner of Virginia. Area code 276 is located in the Eastern Time Zone and covers 19 counties of Virginia. Area code 276 was put into effect on September 1, 2001, and was created from a split of area code 540.

Bristol is an independent city located in southwestern Virginia; independent cities are administratively independent of any county. Bristol is located directly on the Tennessee-Virginia state line, which runs down the middle of State Street in downtown Bristol. Just across the Tennessee-Virginia state line is its twin city, Bristol, Tennessee. Going back in history, the area was originally inhabited by the Cherokee Indians until the arrival of the Scottish and Irish pioneers in the 1700s. In 1766, Evan Shelby and his family moved to the area and settled at Big Camp Meet, which he later renamed Sapling Grove. In 1774, Shelby erected Shelby’s Station, a fort that served as a combination trading post, way station, and stockade for hundreds of pioneers. In 1783, Colonel James King purchased Shelby’s land; after his death, his son Reverend James King was given the land. By the mid-nineteenth century, Reverend James King passed the land to his son-in-law, Joseph R. Anderson. As a result, Anderson laid out the town of Bristol in 1853. Anderson was unable to incorporate Bristol, so Bristol merged with another town to form Goodson, Virginia in 1856. In 1890, Goodson reverted back to the name Bristol.

Bristol has a population of 17,835 and the racial makeup of the city is 90.9% White, 5.7% African American, 1.2% Hispanic, and 0.7% Asian (2010 Census). The low crime rate, low cost of living, and moderately priced real estate make Bristol an extremely desirable city to reside in.

Bristol is nationally known for being the "Birthplace of Country Music." Country music got its start in 1927 when record producer Ralph Peer started recording local musicians in Bristol. Peer is credited with organizing the first country music recordings and launching the career of the Carter Family. The Rhythm and Roots Reunion Festival has been held in the city since 2001 and features over 20 stages and 50 bands. To increase tourism, Bristol promotes itself as a destination to learn about the history of country music in the region. The biggest point of interest in the city is the Bristol Motor Speedway, the third largest sports venue in the United States and the seventh largest in the world. The Bristol Motor Speedway is said to be one of the loudest NASCAR tracks and the world’s fastest half-mile. State Street, the street that divides Bristol, Tennessee and Bristol, Virginia, is a popular stop for both residents and tourists. State Street features restaurants, coffee shops, craft breweries, boutiques, art galleries, and antique stores.

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Martinsville is an independent city near the southern border of Virginia; even though it is an independent city, it is the county seat of Henry County. With a scenic backdrop of the Blue Ridge Mountains, trout-filled rivers, and quiet lakes, Martinsville is a beautiful city to reside in. Going back in history, Henry County Courthouse was established in 1791 and was eventually renamed Martinsville in honor of Joseph Martin. During the early years, Martinsville’s economy was centered on the manufacture of plug chewing tobacco. When tobacco monopolies bought out most firms, Martinsville turned to furniture construction, which remained the main industry for almost a century. Martinsville became an independent city in 1928 but still remained the county seat of Henry County. By the early 1990s, furniture manufacturing became economically unsustainable and production moved offshore to other countries. Today Martinsville has a population of 13,821 and the racial makeup of the city 49.9% White, 44.9% African American, 4.0% Hispanic, and 0.9% Asian (2010 Census). The biggest point of interest in the city is the Martinsville Speedway, a NASCAR stock car racing track that is one of the first paved oval tracks in NASCAR.

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