Area Code 703

Where Is Area Code 703?

Updated: January 22nd 2021

Area code 703 is the area code for a portion of Northern Virginia. When area code 703 was put into service in 1947, it was one of the 86 original area codes created by AT&T. Area code 703 was split in 1973 to form area code 804 and split again in 1995 to form area code 540. Area code 703 was overlaid with area code 571 in 2000.

Arlington County is a county in Northern Virginia; the county is often referred to in the region simply as Arlington. Located on the Potomac River directly across from Washington, D.C., Arlington’s proximity to the U.S. capital has greatly influenced the city. The geographically smallest self-governing county in the United States is Arlington, which is why there are no incorporated towns or cities within its boundaries. Arlington has a humid subtropical climate, characterized by hot, humid summers and mild to cool winters. Going back in history, Virginia ceded the area that now contains Arlington County to the United States federal government in 1791. In 1801, Congress officially organized the District of Columbia along with the County of Washington and the County of Alexandria. From 1840 to 1846, residents of Alexandria County petitioned Congress and the Virginia legislature to return Alexandria to Virginia from the District of Columbia; finally in 1847, Congress retroceded Alexandria County to Virginia. The City of Alexandria was incorporated from a portion of Alexandria County in 1852 and was legally separated from the county in 1870. The fact that the county and city shared the same name caused confusion and as a result, Alexandria County was renamed Arlington County in 1920. On September 11, 2001, Arlington was at the center of a deadly terrorist attack when five members from al-Qaeda hijacked American Airlines Flight 77 and crashed it into the Pentagon, killing almost 200 people.

Arlington has a population of 207,627 and the racial makeup of the city is 71.7% White, 15.1% Hispanic, 9.6% Asian, and 8.5% African American (2010 Census).

The low crime rate, cost of living, health care quality, and weather make Arlington a great place to retire in. Arlington has the highest per capita income of any city or county in Virginia and is also among the top ten richest counties in America. Along with high income, Arlington is considered the most educated county in America since more than 71.5% of residents hold a bachelor’s degree or higher. In addition to the Antonin Scalia Law School and George Mason University, there are numerous universities and schools that have campuses in the city. Arlington has a strong economy, which is why it usually has the lowest unemployment rate of any city or county in Virginia. The majority of jobs in the city pertain to the federal, state, or local government; more than 50% of office space is leased to government agencies and government contractors. Numerous federal agencies are headquartered in the city, including the United States Department of Defense (the Pentagon), Drug Enforcement Administration, and Transportation Security Administration; all three of these federal agencies employ over 10,000 people or have over a $10 billion budget.

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The biggest point of interest in Arlington is the Arlington National Cemetery, the most prominent national cemetery in the United States. The 624-acre national cemetery was established during the Civil War and consists of veterans from all the nation's wars. John F. Kennedy is also buried at the cemetery; his gravesite is marked with the John F. Kennedy Eternal Flame. Located at the cemetery is the Tomb of the Unknowns, a monument dedicated to U.S. service members who have passed away but their remains were never identified. Memorials in the city include the United States Marine Corps War Memorial, the Pentagon Memorial, the United States Air Force Memorial, and the Women in Military Service for America Memorial. Places that offer entertainment and relaxation include the Fashion Centre at Pentagon City, the Signature Theatre, the Village at Shirlington, the Drug Enforcement Administration Museum and Visitors Center, and the Arlington Cinema and Drafthouse.

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