Area Code 253

Where Is Area Code 253?

Updated: January 26th 2021

Area code 253 can be found in Washington serving the cities south of Seattle and cities in the southern Puget Sound region. Area code 253 is located in the Pacific Time Zone and covers King County, Kitsap County, and Pierce County. Area code 253 was put into use on April 27, 1997, and was created from a split of area code 206.

Located in Washington on the banks of Puget Sound, Tacoma is the third most populous city in the state and the county seat of Pierce County. Tacoma is the second most populous city in the Puget Sound region and lies roughly 30 miles northeast of Olympia and 33 miles south of Seattle. Tacoma straddles the neighboring Commencement Bay while Mount Rainier dominates the skyline. Going back in history, the area was originally occupied by the Puyallup Native American tribe. Due to the growth of the lumber industry, a water-powered sawmill was constructed on a creek near the head of Commencement Bay in 1852. In 1864, Job Carr built a cabin near the sawmill; Carr sold most of his claim to Morton M. McCarver in 1868. McCarver purchased the land because Commencement Bay was a likely railroad terminus on Puget Sound. McCarver called his plat Tacoma City, which ended up being selected as the western terminus of the Northern Pacific Railroad in 1873. The Tacoma riot of 1885 was when a mob of white citizens evicted several hundred Chinese residents from their homes, marched them to a railroad station, and forced them to board a train to Portland. In 1929, Tacoma was left without sufficient power and heat for 30 days due to one of the coldest winters.

Tacoma has a population of 198,397 and the racial makeup of the city is 64.8% White, 11.3% Hispanic, 11.2% African American, and 8.2% Asian (2010 Census). Unfortunately the crime rate is so high that Tacoma is among the top five most dangerous cities in Washington.

Tacoma is home to Washington’s largest port, the Port of Tacoma. The port is a center of international trade on the Pacific Coast and is among the top ten largest container ports in North America. The biggest attraction in the city is Point Defiance Park. Situated on 760 acres, the park is one of the largest urban parks in the country. The park receives more than three million visitors every year and features the Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium, an off-leash dog park, a boardwalk, various gardens, beaches, and trails. Another popular attraction in the city is the Museum of Glass, a 75,000-square-foot art museum located on Tacoma's revitalized waterfront. The museum is dedicated to the medium of glass and is noted for its distinctive architecture, such as the massive 100-foot-tall stainless steel cone. Car enthusiasts will love the LeMay - America's Car Museum, a museum that features over 350 cars. Other points of interest in the city include the Chihuly Bridge of Glass, the Tacoma Art Museum, the Washington State History Museum, the Cheney Stadium, the Children's Museum of Tacoma, and the Tacoma Dome.

Major Cities In Area Code 253



Federal Way



Kent is the sixth most populous city in Washington and is located in King County. Located roughly 20 miles south of Seattle and 18 miles northeast of Tacoma, Kent is a suburb of Seattle. Kent is divided into three distinctive areas: East Hill, West Hill, and the Valley. Going back in history, European Americans settled the area in the early 1850s. In 1853, Samuel Russell and other settlers staked claims in the area; the settlements were originally called White River and later Titusville. During the 1870s, hops production was the major source of income for Titusville. Titusville was renamed Kent in 1889 and hops production came to an end in 1891. Kent was officially incorporated in 1890, making it the second oldest incorporated city in King County. Today Kent has a population of 92,411 and the racial makeup of the city is 55.5% White, 16.6% Hispanic, 15.2% Asian, and 11.3% African American (2010 Census). Unfortunately Kent is a dangerous city to reside in. Points of interest in the city include the ShoWare Center, the Hydroplane and Raceboat Museum, the Pacific Raceways, and the Great Wall Shopping Mall.

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