Area Code 828

Where Is Area Code 828?

Updated: February 27th 2021

Area code 828 is the area code for Western North Carolina. Area code 828 is located in the Eastern Time Zone and covers 22 counties of North Carolina. Area code 828 was put into service on March 22, 1998, and was created from a split of area code 704.

Asheville is the largest city in Western North Carolina and is the county seat of Buncombe County. Asheville is located in the Blue Ridge Mountains and has a humid subtropical climate. Going back in history, Spanish explorer Hernando de Soto brought the first European visitors to the area in 1540. Buncombe County was formed in 1792 and Morristown became the county seat the following year. Morristown was incorporated and renamed “Asheville” in 1797. Asheville did not experience major growth until the arrival of the railroad at the end of the 19th century. With the completion of the first railway, new homes were built and textile mills and industrial plants were established. During the early 20th century, Asheville prospered and was the third largest city in North Carolina. However, when the Great Depression hit Asheville in 1930, it caused financial ruin for the city government. Instead of declaring bankruptcy, the city paid the debts over a period of fifty years. During those fifty years, economic growth in Asheville was slow and the majority of buildings in the downtown district remained unaltered.

Asheville has a population of 83,393 and the racial makeup of the city is 79.31% White, 13.35% African American, 6.54% Hispanic, and 1.37% Asian (2010 Census). Unfortunately Asheville is a dangerous city to reside in.

Asheville is an architecturally diverse city; notable architecture in Asheville includes the Asheville City Hall, the Battery Park Hotel, the Arcade Building, and the S & W Cafeteria. Live music is a big part of the local culture; Asheville has a long tradition of street performance and outdoor music while many nightclubs and performance venues host live entertainment events. Whitewater kayaking is very popular in Asheville, which is why many kayak manufacturers are based in Asheville. The Blue Ridge Parkway runs through Asheville and is perfect for taking a scenic cruise or is a great launching point for hiking and biking. Points of interest in the city include the Biltmore Estate, the North Carolina Arboretum, the Asheville Pinball Museum, the Western North Carolina Nature Center, and the Asheville Community Theatre.

Boone is a town in Western North Carolina and is the county seat of Watauga County. The town was named after the American pioneer Daniel Boone. Boone is located in the Blue Ridge Mountains and has a humid continental climate. Boone has a population of 17,122 and the racial makeup of the town is 91.96% White, 3.52% African American, 3.32% Hispanic, and 1.57% Asian (2010 Census). The low crime rate makes Boone a great place to reside in. Appalachian State University is located in Boone and is the town’s top employer. From the breathtaking views of the Blue Ridge Parkway to the streams of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Boone offers plenty of outdoor activities including mountain biking, canoeing, kayaking, fishing, and zip lining. Points of interest in the town include Horn in the West, the Blue Ridge Parkway, the Appalachian Mountain Brewery, and the Hickory Ridge Living History Museum.

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Morganton a city in Western North Carolina and is the county seat of Burke County. Morganton is situated in the Catawba River valley in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. Located five miles north of Morganton is the site of Fort San Juan, a late 16th century fort built by the Spanish that is known as the first European settlement in North Carolina. Morganton has a population of 16,918 and the racial makeup of the city is 75.67% White, 12.76% African American, 11.16% Hispanic, and 1.99% Asian (2010 Census). Unfortunately Morganton is a dangerous city to reside in. The largest employer in Morganton is the state of North Carolina; other employers include furniture manufacturing facilities and businesses catering to tourists. Points of interest in the city include Catawba Meadows Park, Martha’s Park, the History Museum of Burke County, the Old Burke County Courthouse, the Apple Hill Orchard & Cider Mill, the Fonta Flora Brewery, and the Silver Fork Winery.

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