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Where Is Area Code 256?

Updated: June 22nd 2021

The Huntsville, AL area code has also earned a place in the National Trust for Historic Preservation. The 256 area code was first given to the distinctive city in 1998. The region initially used the 938 area code, but population growth made a split with the 256 area code necessary. Population growth continued and in 2009 as the 256 area code was overlaid with the 938 area code. As a result, residents in the Huntsville area code must dial all ten digits of a phone number when making local calls.

The 256 area code has a variety of tourist attractions for visitors of all ages. In fact, culture is alive and well in the historic city of Huntsville. Districts such as the Twickenham, Old Town, and Five Points Historic Districts are especially popular with the older crowd. Architecture that ranges from Federal Revival to Queen Ann styles are a must see in the region. With buildings that were built as early as the 1820s, walking through the streets of historic districts in the 256 area code quickly transports you back in time. Visitors to the 256 area code absolutely must stop by the United States Space and Rocket Center.

The center showcases a large selection of aircraft. A quick browse through the center will bring you face to face with a Saturn I rocket and even fragments from the 1979 Skylab.

Adventure seekers can get up close and personal with the aviation experience by checking out a movie at the IMAX Theater that is also located at the center. However, the simulators are undoubtedly the most popular attraction at the US Space and Rocket Center. The Mars Rover, G-Force, and Space Shot simulators are a huge hit with visitors of all ages. The G-Force Accelerator allows visitors to experience triple gravity in a safe environment. In contrast the Space Shot simulator allows visitors to feel the raw propelling force of a shuttle launch. Obviously, the US Space and Rocket Center in the 256 area code can easily be compared to an amusement park, even though its educational camps continue to make it an edifying family activity. Admission to the facility is currently around $20 for adults, and the exhibits promise to be worth every penny.

Area code 256 also has a variety of activities available to nature lovers. Trails and bike paths are scattered throughout the city and many residents opt for earth friendly modes of transportation. Sunday picnics are often held in the Big Spring International Park as well as Ditto Landing. However, for a special occasion, Monte Sano State park lives up to any expectation with its immaculate Japanese garden and well kept camping grounds. If hiking is not your forte then a trip to the Huntsville Botanical Garden may be just what you need. The Botanical Garden is home to the biggest Butterfly house in the United States and features more than 100 acres of green scenery. Meadows and ponds make the perfect backdrop for a weekday stroll or if you are looking for the ideal place to propose. At the Hays Nature Preserve, which is located right near the botanical garden, visitors can even bring their four legged friends. The miles of trails located within the preserve are animal friendly and are even available to horseback riders. An afternoon in the 256 area code is undoubtedly made more idyllic with a white horse and butterflies right next door.

Major Cities In Area Code 256




Surprisingly, Huntsville has a variety of dining options available. With all of those hungry engineers working at the many technology and aviation companies in the 256 area code, Huntsville came up with many filling meal options. Whether you are interested in grabbing a satisfying burrito on the go or dining at an exclusive restaurant with coworkers, Huntsville has all of the options covered. The small city even boasts a Japanese steak house and a Ruth’s Chris Steak House, which is known throughout the country for its excellent fare. Forget about getting Starbucks in the 256 area code, and opt instead for its smaller coffee shops that have personalized touches. The unique coffee shops located in the 256 area code will make you wish that you never have to drink Starbucks again with their delectable pastries and freshly brewed drinks.

This next wonderful city is the birthplace of both Nat King Cole and the Confederate States of America. Also well-known as the capital of beautiful Alabama, Montgomery continues to make headlines. In fact, the 256 area code was also where the first open heart surgery was performed in the Western Hemisphere back in 1902. If that is not enough to make you respect this city, it also developed the first electric trolley system, which changed transportation forever. Area code 256 covers Montgomery and Auburn, including both north and northeast metropolitan areas of Alabama.

At first the 256 area code was introduced in 1998 as a split from the 205 area code. This opened up a lot of new numbers and worked well for over ten years. However, in 2009 officials recognized that a new overlay was needed and they added the 938 area code on top of the 256 area code. Due to this action, individuals in this area must dial all ten digits of a number, in order to make sure that they are connected to the right person at the other end of the line. Other areas covered by the Montgomery area code include the metropolitan areas of Huntsville, Decatur, the Shoals, Gadsden, and Anniston-Oxford. These metropolitan areas include the well-known cities of Athens, Arab, Boaz, Decatur, Florence, Madison, and Scottsboro as well as others.

Having the second highest population in Alabama, Montgomery is the main city in area code 256. Additionally, the Montgomery, Alabama area code is home to many government agencies and boasts a large military presence. In fact, the Maxwell Air Force Base is located in Montgomery as well as the Thomas Goode Jones School of Law and other universities. Always having dealt with a considerably larger population, Montgomery remedied the problem by becoming the first place in America to install electric street cars that covered the entire city. This system allowed people in the 256 area code to move to suburban areas and still commute comfortably to jobs in the city center. Montgomery is also home to racial controversy, as this is the city where Rosa Parks refused to give her seat to a white man back in the 1950s. This sparked a civil rights movement that was encouraged by Martin Luther King Junior and ended with the much anticipated abolishment of the segregated bus system.

Although racial tensions often prevailed in area code 256, the weather has remained consistently calm. With a humid subtropical climate, Montgomery has avoided major natural disasters and usually has mild winters. Many people enjoy the perks of living in Montgomery, as it has a fairly even split between individuals who live in the city. These perks include the Hank Williams Museum, Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts, Wynton M. Blount Cultural Park, Montgomery Symphony Orchestra, and the Montgomery Zoo. You could also spend an afternoon visiting the F. Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald Museum in the Montgomery, Alabama area code.

Of course the 256 area code also covers Auburn, which is a very popular college town. Mostly known for its lively football games, Auburn has consistently made the list of one of the best places to live in America. Quality of live is high in the Auburn, AL area code with the last foothill of the Appalachian Mountains nestled quietly in the southern tip of Auburn.  The climate here is fairly mild, making it ideal for ranching and growing crops. Although the summers can become scorching hot, most major natural disasters stay away from this area. The worst weather patterns recorder here are unexpected snowfalls or high wind systems. Usually area code 256 is only hit by the edge of hurricanes, and suffers very little damage. Not surprisingly, the pleasant Auburn area code has been home to many famous citizens during the last 170 years. These include several Nobel Prize winners, artists, generals, and of course, professional athletes.

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