Area Code 334

Where Is Area Code 334?

Updated: June 23rd 2021

Area code 334 is an area code covering southeastern Alabama. Created on January 15, 1995, as a split from area code 205, it was the first area code to not have 0 or 1 as the middle digit. Area code 334 is located in the central time zone and mainly services the city of Montgomery.

With a city population of 201,332 (2013 Census), Montgomery is considered the most populous city in area code 334. It is the capital of Alabama and is the second largest city in Alabama. Located on the Alabama River, the city was incorporated in 1819 as a merger of two towns, and later became the state capital in 1846.

The racial makeup of Montgomery is 56.6% Black, 37.3% White, 3.9% Hispanic, and 2.2% Asian. Montgomery’s violent crime rate is below the state average and similar to the national average while its property crime rate is higher than the overall state and national averages.

Montgomery is recognized for its continuing downtown revitalization. In the early 2000s, the Montgomery Biscuits minor league baseball stadium and Riverfront Park were constructed. After those developments, hundreds of millions of dollars were spent turning old office buildings and warehouses into retail, hotels, restaurants, and loft apartments.

Recreation and culture are both big things in Montgomery. Montgomery has more than 1,600 acres of parkland and has one of the biggest art scenes of any average city in America. Frequently visited museums include the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts, the Hank Williams Museum, and the Museum of Alabama. Families with young children might want to visit the Montgomery Zoo, which holds more than 500 animals from five various continents.

Another populous city in area code 334 is Dothan. Dothan has a city population of 65,496 (2010 Census). It is located in the southeastern corner of Alabama, which is 20 miles west of the Georgia state line and 16 miles north of Florida. Dothan serves as the main transportation and commercial hub for a giant part of southeastern Alabama, southwest Georgia, and neighboring sections of the Florida Panhandle. Dothan was given the nickname of “The Peanut Capital of the World” because one-fourth of the United States peanut crop is produced and processed in the city. The racial makeup of Dothan is 63.1% White, 32.5% Black, 2.9% Hispanic, and 1.1% Asian. The violent crime rate is far below the national average while the property crime rate was slightly above the national average.

Dothan is known for its festivals and professional barbecue competitions. The Downtown Christmas Festival occurs on the first Saturday in December while the National Peanut Festival occurs in November. There are two professional barbecue competitions, one is held in April and the final one in September. While Dothan does not put a huge emphasis on the art and theatre scene, there are plenty of museums and monuments to visit. The US Army Aviation Museum houses one of the largest helicopter collections in the world. Then there is the George Washington Carver Monument and George Washington Carver Museum.

Major Cities In Area Code 334





Phenix City

Auburn is a city in area code 334 that is considered a college town because it is the home of Auburn University. Out of the whole state of Alabama, it is known as the fastest growing metropolitan area. Auburn has a city population of 53,380 people (2010 Census). The racial makeup of Auburn is 75.1% White, 16.5% Black, 5.3% Asian, and 2.9% Latino. When comparing Auburn’s crime rate to the crime rate in Dothan and Montgomery, the crime rate is much lower in Auburn. This is due to the fact that Auburn is a college town. Auburn University has a little over 27,000 students enrolled. Therefore much of Auburn’s economy is focused on Auburn University and providing university-related services. Sadly Auburn lacks professional sports teams, however they still have an active sports culture due to the Auburn University’s NCAA Division I athletic squads. Auburn University football is the driving force in Auburn’s economy and culture. Places to visit for art and culture include the Jule Collins Smith Museum of Fine Art and the Telfair Peet Theatre. Recreational wise, Auburn is home to 16 parks, with the most popular being Chewacla State Park and Kiesel Park.

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