Area Code 832

Where Is Area Code 832?

Updated: June 24th 2021

Area code 832 can be found in Texas serving Houston and its surrounding towns and cities. Area code 832 was put into effect on January 16, 1999, and was created as an overlay for the entire Houston metropolitan area. Area code 713 is the main area code for the Houston metropolitan area, while area codes 281, 346, and 832 are the overlay codes.

Pasadena is the 19th most populous city in Texas and the 2nd most populous city in Harris County. Located about 17 miles southeast of Houston, Pasadena is part of the Houston metropolitan area. Pasadena has a humid subtropical climate, characterized by hot, humid summers and mild to cool winters. Going back in history, businessman John H. Burnett founded Pasadena in 1893; the area’s lush vegetation reminded him of Pasadena, California, hence the name. Pasadena got its start as a farming community when the La Porte, Houston and Northern Railroad passed through in 1894. The Great Galveston Hurricane of 1900 heavily damaged Pasadena. Following the disaster, Clara Barton of the American Red Cross donated close to two million strawberry plants to local farmers to help revive the community. Shortly after, the crops flourished and a major strawberry farm was established in the area, which resulted in Pasadena becoming a major strawberry producer for many years afterward. By the time Pasadena incorporated in 1928, it had evolved into an industrial city that was strongly tied to petroleum and other heavy industry. During the late 1950s and early 1960s, several Pasadena officials were indicted for public corruption, which led to widespread reforms.

Pasadena has a population of 149,043 and the racial makeup of the city is 75.3% White, 62.2 % Hispanic, 2.3% African American, and 2.1% Asian (2010 Census). Unfortunately Pasadena is a dangerous city to reside in.

Much of the economy is centered on petroleum, aerospace, healthcare, and maritime shipping. Employment in Pasadena is closely linked to the Houston Ship Channel, the Bayport Industrial District, and the Bayport Terminal. The Pasadena Strawberry Festival is held in Pasadena every year to honor the city’s history with strawberries. The festival features carnival rides and games, arts and crafts, live entertainment, and the world’s largest strawberry shortcake. The biggest point of interest in the city is the Armand Bayou Nature Center, a 2,500-acre urban preserve that gets the title of being the largest urban wilderness preserve in the country. The nature center includes a diversity of plant life, hundreds of species of wildlife, and nature trails that allow visitors to see various natural habitats. The Pasadena Little Theatre has been in operation since 1955, making it the second oldest community theatre in South Texas.

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League City

Sugar Land

Sugar Land is a city in Fort Bend County in Texas. Located about 22 miles southwest of Houston, Sugar Land is part of the Houston metropolitan area. The Brazos River and Oyster Creek are two major waterways running through the city. Sugar Land is considered to be one of the fastest-growing and most affluent cities in Texas. Sugar Land has a humid subtropical climate, characterized by hot, humid summers and cool, temperate winters. Going back in history, the area started off as a Mexican land grant to Stephen F. Austin. Austin in turn gave the land to Samuel M. Williams in 1828, who referred to the land as Oakland Plantation due to all the different types of oak trees in the vicinity. Nathaniel, Williams' brother, bought the land in 1838 and ran the plantation by growing crops such as sugarcane and cotton. In 1853, the plantation was sold to Benjamin Terry and William J. Kyle; Terry was the one who named the town Sugar Land. When Terry and Kyle died, the land was sold to E. H. Cunningham in 1879, who developed the town around his sugar-refining plant. Today Sugar Land has a population of 78,817 and the racial makeup of the city is 52.0% White, 35.3% Asian, 10.6% Hispanic, and 7.4% African American (2010 Census). Sugar Land has a very low crime rate and the highest concentration of Asians in Texas. Points of interest in the city include the Constellation Field, the Houston Museum of Natural Science at Sugar Land, the Sugar Land Memorial Park, the Fort Bend Children's Discovery Center, and the Smart Financial Centre at Sugar Land.

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