Area Code 605

Where Is Area Code 605?

Updated: June 28th 2021

Area code 605 is the area code for the entire state of South Dakota. Parts of area code 605 are located in the Central Time Zone, while other parts are located in the Mountain Time Zone. When area code 605 was put into service on January 1, 1947, it was one of the 86 original area codes created by AT&T.

Sioux Falls is the most populous city in South Dakota and the county seat of Minnehaha County. Sioux Falls is located in the extreme eastern part of South Dakota and is situated at the junction of Interstate 90 and Interstate 29 on the banks of the Big Sioux River. Sioux Falls has a humid continental climate, characterized by hot, humid summers and cold, dry winters. Going back in history, French explorers visited the area in the early 18th century but the first documented visit by a European was in 1832. Land speculators founded Sioux Falls in 1856. The town was evacuated in 1862 due to conflicts between settlers and Native Americans; the abandoned town was then pillaged and burned. When Fort Dakota was established in 1865, many former settlers returned and a new group of settlers shortly followed. The Village of Sioux Falls was incorporated in 1876 and then incorporated as a city in 1883. During the 1880s, thousands of people traveled to Sioux Falls to get a divorce, which resulted in the city being known as the “divorce capital of the nation.” During the early and mid 20th century, Sioux Falls’ economy was largely centered on the stockyards and the meat packing industry.

Sioux Falls has a population of 153,888 and the racial makeup of the city is 86.8% White, 4.4% Hispanic, 4.2% African American, and 1.8% Asian (2010 Census). Unfortunately Sioux Falls is a dangerous city to reside in.

Sioux Falls has a diverse economy, with much of the economy centered on financial services, health care, and retail trade. South Dakota does not have a general corporate income tax, which is why there are many financial companies located in Sioux Falls. Sioux Falls is a significant regional health care center and an important regional center of shopping and dining. A popular feature of the park system is the 29-mile paved bike trail that runs along the Big Sioux River. Points of interest in the city include the Falls Park, the Butterfly House & Aquarium, the Pettigrew Home & Museum, the Great Plains Zoo & Delbridge Museum of Natural History, and the Denny Premier Center. Annual events in the city include the Downtown Riverfest, the Festival of Bands, the Sioux Empire Spectacular, and the Sioux Falls Jazz and Blues Festival.

Major Cities In Area Code 605

Sioux Falls

Rapid City




Rapid City is the second most populous city in South Dakota and the county seat of Pennington County. Rapid City is situated on the eastern edge of the Black Hills while the Rapid Creek flows through the city. Rapid City is nicknamed "Gateway to the Black Hills" and "City of Presidents" and is South Dakota's primary city for tourism and recreation. Rapid City has a semi-arid climate, characterized by long, arid summers and long, dry winters. Going back in history, the public discovery of gold in 1874 brought a massive amount of settlers into the Black Hills region of South Dakota. In 1876, a group of miners founded a community they called Hay Camp. The community was later renamed Rapid City, after the Rapid Creek that flowed through it. By the early 20th century, Rapid City had established itself as an important regional trade center for the upper Midwest. The Black Hills Flood of 1972 was the second most deadly flood in U.S. history and flooded many residential and commercial properties in Rapid City, causing around $50 million in damages. Today Rapid City has a population of 67,956 and the racial makeup of the city is 80.4% White, 4.1% Hispanic, 1.1% African American, and 1.0% Asian (2010 Census). Unfortunately Rapid City is a dangerous city to reside in. Rapid City has a diverse economy, with much of the economy centered on government services, financial services, health care, and tourism. Points of interest in the city include the Reptile Gardens, the Storybook Island, the Bear Country USA, the Museum of Geology, the Dinosaur Park, and the Journey Museum & Learning Center.

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