Area Code 973

Where Is Area Code 973?

Updated: February 24th 2021

Area code 973 is the area code for northern New Jersey. Area code 973 was put into service on June 1, 1997, and was created from a split of area code 201. In 2001, area code 973 was overlaid with area code 862. Area code 973 is located in the Eastern Time Zone and covers Bergen County, Essex County, Hudson County, Morris County, Passaic County, Sussex County, and Union County.

Nicknamed “Gateway City,” Newark is located in New Jersey and is the county seat of Essex County. With a population of 277,140, Newark is the most populous city in New Jersey. Newark is one of the oldest European cities in the United States and places second as the most racially diverse city in New Jersey. The crime rate in Newark is so out of control that the city ranks among the top ten most dangerous cities in New Jersey. With over 100,000 people traveling to Newark each workday, Newark is the largest employment center in New Jersey. Newark is home to the New Jersey Performing Arts Center, one of the largest performing art centers in the United States, and the Newark Museum, the largest museum in New Jersey. Residents and tourists visit Branch Brook Park to see the large collection of cherry blossom trees.

Clifton is located in Passaic County in New Jersey and is approximately 10 miles west of New York City. Clifton was incorporated as a city in 1917 when Acquackanonk Township was dissolved. Clifton has a population of 84,136 and the racial makeup of the city is 69.63% White, 31.92% Hispanic, 8.90% Asian, and 4.92% African American (2010 Census). Clifton is considered a semi-safe city in New Jersey.

Shopping can be done at The Promenade Shops at Clifton, an upscale mall, or at Clifton Commons, a shopping center that features numerous stores and restaurants along with an AMC movie theatre. One of the city’s oldest restaurants is Rutt’s Hut, a hot dog restaurant that was established in 1928.

Passaic is located in Passaic County in New Jersey and is situated north of Newark on the Passaic River. Passaic is approximately 10 miles from New York City and approximately 12 miles from Newark Airport. Passaic has a humid subtropical climate, meaning hot, humid summers and mild to cool winters. Going back in history, the area was first settled in 1678 by Dutch traders, who established the area as Acquackanonk Township. During the 19th century, Passaic experienced industrial growth when it became a textile and metalworking center. In 1869, a portion of Acquackanonk Township was taken to create Passaic. Passaic was incorporated as an independent village in 1871 and then was chartered as a city in 1873. The 1926 Passaic Textile Strike occurred in an around Passaic and was a work stoppage by over 15,000 mill workers to oppose wage cuts demanded by the textile industry. Today Passaic has a population of 69,781 and the racial makeup of the city is 71.02% Hispanic, 45.06% White, 10.64% African American, and 4.36% Asian (2010 Census). Unfortunately Passaic is considered a dangerous city to reside in. The city is known to have one of the largest Orthodox Jewish communities in New Jersey. Passaic Park is the center of Orthodox Judaism and is home to many yeshivas and kosher establishments. Main Street is home to many Latino and Eastern European shops, restaurants, and businesses. Architecturally remarkable churches in Passaic include St. John’s Lutheran Church, St. John’s Episcopal Church, and First Presbyterian of Passaic. Sections of Passaic are part of an urban enterprise zone; companies in this zone are free of certain taxes and restrictions.

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East Orange

East Orange is located in Essex County in New Jersey. East Orange was originally incorporated as a township in 1863 and then was incorporated as a city in 1899. East Orange has a population of 64,270 and the racial makeup of the city is 88.51% African American, 7.93% Hispanic, 4.13% White, and 0.72% Asian (2010 Census). Unfortunately East Orange is considered to be one of New Jersey’s dangerous cities. East Orange is divided into five wards: Ampere, Greenwood, Presidential Estates, Elmwood, and Doddtown. Sections of East Orange are part of an urban enterprise zone; companies in this zone are free of certain taxes and restrictions.

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