Area Code 575

Where Is Area Code 575?

Updated: February 26th 2021

Area code 575 is the area code for the majority of New Mexico minus the Albuquerque, Santa Fe, Farmington, and Gallup metropolitan areas. Area code 575 was put into service on October 7, 2007, and was created from a split of area code 505. Area code 575 is located in the Mountain Time Zone and covers 26 counties of New Mexico.

Las Cruces is the second most populous city in New Mexico and is the county seat of Dona Ana County. Las Cruces is nicknamed “The City of the Crosses.” The Dona Ana Mountains are located north of the city and the Organ Mountains are located east of the city. Las Cruces has an arid climate characterized by hot, humid summers and cold, windy winters. Going back in history, the area was originally inhabited by the Manso Indians up until 1598 when the Spanish colonized the area. New Spain controlled the area until 1821 when the Mexican Empire claimed ownership; the Republic of Texas also claimed the area. Ownership of the area was eventually given to the United States under the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo in 1848, which led to the founding of Las Cruces in 1849. Las Cruces was incorporated as a town in 1907 and then incorporated as a city in 1946. Today Las Cruces has a population of 97,618 and the racial makeup of the city is 56.8% Hispanic, 34.2% White, 2.4% African American, and 1.6% Asian (2010 Census). With a crime rate much higher than the New Mexico average, Las Cruces is considered a dangerous city. Las Cruces is home to New Mexico State University; it is New Mexico’s only land-grant university and is one of the major employers in Las Cruces. Points of interest in the city include the Dripping Springs Natural Area, the Old Mesilla Village, the New Mexico Farm and Ranch Heritage Museum, the Farmers & Crafts Market of Las Cruces, and the Zuhl Museum.

Roswell is the fifth most populous city in New Mexico and is the county seat of Chaves County. Going back in history, in 1865, a group of pioneers from Missouri attempted to settle the area, but had to abandon the area due to lack of water. In 1869, two businessmen from Nebraska, Van C. Smith and Aaron Wilburn, constructed two adobe buildings in the area; eventually Smith filed a claim with the government for the land and named the town Roswell. Smith and Wilburn sold their claim to Captain Joseph Calloway Lea in 1877. In 1890, Roswell experienced major growth when a major aquifer was discovered and when a railroad was built. Roswell gained fame in 1947 with the Roswell UFO incident; an object crashed in the general vicinity and residents thought it was an extraterrestrial spacecraft even though the US military said it was just a conventional weather balloon.

Today Roswell has a population of 48,411 and the racial makeup of the city is 69.94% White, 53.41% Hispanic, 2.46% African American, and 0.73% Asian (2010 Census). Unfortunately Roswell is among the top ten most dangerous cities in New Mexico.

When it comes to the economy, Roswell is a center of ranching, manufacturing, and distribution. Tourists from around the country come to Roswell to see its numerous alien-themed museums, restaurants, and stores. Points of interest in the city include the International UFO Museum and Research Center, the Bottomless Lakes State Park, the Roswell Museum & Art Center, the Bitter Lake National Wildlife Refuge, and the Anderson Museum of Contemporary Art.

Major Cities In Area Code 575

Las Cruces





Alamogordo is a city in New Mexico and is the county seat of Otero County. The Sacramento Mountains are located to the east of the city and the White Sands National Monument is located to the west of the city. Alamogordo has a population of 30,403 and the racial makeup of the city is 76.84% White, 30.49% Hispanic, 5.42% African American, and 1.72% Asian (2010 Census). Alamogordo’s economy is centered on service, retail, and tourism. Points of interest in the city include the New Mexico Museum of Space History, the Oliver Lee Memorial State Park, the Alameda Park Zoo, and the Flickinger Center for Performing Arts. Annual events in the city include the Earth Day Fair, the Otero County Fair, and the White Sands Balloon Invitational.

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