Area Code 715

Where Is Area Code 715?

Updated: June 26th 2021

Area code 715 is the area code for northern Wisconsin. Area code 715 is located in the Central Time Zone and covers 38 counties of Wisconsin. When area code 715 was put into service in 1947, it was one of the 86 original area codes created by AT&T. In 2010, area code 715 was overlaid with area code 534.

Situated in the west-central part of Wisconsin, Eau Claire is the ninth most populous city in the state and the county seat of Eau Claire County. Eau Claire was founded near the junction of the Chippewa and Eau Claire Rivers in 1856. Eau Claire has a population of 65,883 and the racial makeup of the city is 91.4% White, 4.6% Asian, 1.9% Hispanic, and 1.1% African American (2010 Census). Hmong Americans are Eau Claire’s most visible ethnic group. Eau Claire was a thriving lumber town until the timber was depleted at the turn of the 20th century. Today the economy is centered on retail, education, and health care. While there are no professional theater groups located in the city, amateur and community theaters such as the Chippewa Valley Theatre Guild and the Eau Claire Children's Theatre have a significant presence. When it comes to outdoor recreation, the Chippewa River Trail is a 30-mile urban-rural trail system that is accessible year round. During the summer months, the trail can be used for walking, biking, and in-line skating; during the winter months, certain parts of the trail can be used for cross-county skiing and snowmobiling. Eau Claire is home to several large parks. Carson Park is the most popular because it contains a baseball stadium, a football stadium, tennis courts, and two museums. Phoenix Park is another popular park because it is home to Eau Claire's year-round farmer's market and plays host to concerts during the summer months. A popular spot in the city is the Eau Claire Downtown Farmers Market, an open-air market that is located in Phoenix Park and features farm fresh fruits and vegetables, baked goods, meats, cheeses, flowers, and candles.

Located in the middle of north central Wisconsin, Wausau is the county seat of Marathon County and is divided into east and west by the Wisconsin River. Going back into history, the Ojibwe people occupied the area when the European-American settlers arrived during the mid-19th century; the Ojibwe ceded much of their lands in the area due to a treaty with the United States. Lumbering was the first major industry in the area, with loggers arriving from various states. Marathon County was established in 1850 and Wausau was established as a town in 1852. Wausau was incorporated as a city in 1872 and the first railroad arrived in 1874. The railroad allowed Wausau to become more accessible to settlers and industry, which is what saved the city from declining due to the end of the lumber industry. The Wausau Center shopping mall was built in 1983 to revitalize downtown Wausau.

Today Wausau has a population of 39,106 and the racial makeup of the city is 83.7% White, 11.1% Asian, 2.9% Hispanic, and 1.4% African American (2010 Census). Like Eau Claire, Hmong Americans are Wausau’s most visible ethnic group.

Major Cities In Area Code 715

Eau Claire



Stevens Point


Wisconsin is the leading producer of ginseng in the United States, with Wausau cultivating most of it. The International Wisconsin Ginseng Festival is a festival that showcases several aspects of the ginseng process and celebrates the Hmong and Native American communities. Another popular festival in the city is the Big Bull Falls Blues Festival, Wisconsin's longest running blues festival. During the winter season, the Granite Peak Ski Resort is a ski area that features 74 runs on a 700 foot mountain; Granite Peak is the third tallest ski area in the Midwest. The Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum offers free admission and is known nationally for its “Birds in Art” exhibition. The Grand Theater is a historic theater and performing arts center that was built in the classic revival architectural style.

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