Canadian Area Codes

Area Codes In Canada

All over the world people respect individuals who come from this country for their kind demeanor, eclectic culture, and welcoming attitude towards foreigners. In fact, people from the Canada area code are undoubtedly some of the nicest in the world. Immigrants are especially welcomed in Canadian area codes, and quickly find that their unique cultures are celebrated by native Canadians. Instead of trying to force what is Canadian onto other cultures, Canadian people tend encourage immigrants to maintain their native traditions even when they enter onto Canadian soil. As a result, it is not surprising that Canada is a popular place for immigrants as well as individuals who want to live in an accepting culture.

While certain uninformed individuals may claim that Canada is “the apartment above a really great party,” the contrary is actually true. The Vancouver and Toronto area codes have bustling social scenes that are sure to entertain the most cultured of individuals. Museums range from ones that focus on modern art to scientific endeavors and historical artifacts. In fact, much of what you find in Canada’s major cities is reminiscent of their American competitors. For instance, the Vancouver area code is celebrated for its stunning skyline, which rivals that of New York City or Chicago. The Toronto area code has a similarly magnificent skyline and many first time visitors are shocked to learn that the city is always alive with action. Entertainment and restaurants in the Canada area codes are understated yet excellent. Although you may not hear much about Canadian shows or top rated restaurants in other countries, they are still present and thoroughly enjoyed by tourists and locals in the Canada area codes.

People often head to area codes in Canada for their natural beauty. Tourists and locals are overjoyed by the unspoiled mountains and open terrain. Canada has tons of land area that is not ruined by modern day construction and an overflow of buildings.

In fact, Canada’s population is fairly small when compared to the land area that is available for use. For example, Lake Louise, which is located in the Alberta area code, is the ideal destination for individuals who wish to escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. The gorgeous lake is surrounded by perfect mountains that create the ideal backdrop for a relaxing holiday. Of course, the natural beauty in Canada has also made it the optimal location for skiing vacations. Whistler Blackcomb, which is located in the British Columbia area code, is the ideal resort for skiing enthusiasts. Soft powdery slopes are welcomed by its millions of visitors each year. Naturally, Canada also has many other ski slopes and it is incredibly easy to locate a ski hill near any major city in the country.

Traveling through the many cities in Canada could easily be compared to traveling through several different countries. Firstly, Canada has two official languages, which are French and English. Accordingly, tourists will frequently find that certain areas of Canada speak exclusively one or the other, while other Canadian area codes are largely bilingual. For example, people in the Montreal area code speak only French and it is a considerably difficult task to even find a restaurant menu that is translated into English. Similarly, road signs and other navigation clues in the Montreal area code are only in French. In contrast, the nearby Ottawa area code is predominantly English, which shocks many tourists who encounter this difference merely by crossing a bridge between the two cities. Furthermore, cuisine and culture tends to differ throughout the Canada area codes as well. Rural regions have frequently maintained the cultures of their ancestry, including German or Dutch cultures. Native American and Inuit cultures are also encouraged in the northern parts of Canadian area codes. Naturally, cuisine tends to vary along with language and classic French cuisine is easy to find in the French speaking area codes in Canada. Although, it should be noted that culture tends to carry over into different Canadian regions. For instance, the French dish poutine, which is made with French fries and cheese curds, is popular in both French and English speaking parts in Canada.

Travelers in Canada should beware of a few things that are distinctly Canadian and easy to miss. Firstly, Canada area codes use a currency that is referred to as the “dollar” although it is not the equivalent of the American dollar. Once on Canadian soil, tourists are frequently flabbergasted by references to “loonies” and “toonies,” which refer to Canadian one and two dollar coins respectively.  Besides the funny monikers for their one and two dollar coins, people in the Canadian area codes also tend to uphold several unique customs. People generally take their shoes off at the front door, even when it is a formal occasion. Additionally, conversations in the Canadian area codes tend to stick to politically correct topics and definitely veer away from discussions of religion or distinctly personal beliefs. As a whole, Canadians are on the forefront of political advancements. In fact, people in the Canadian area codes enjoy free universal healthcare that is provided by the tax payers. Canadians also voted in a female prime minister, which is the head of the Canadian government, in the 1990s. Obviously, Canada has taken major political strides that are often emulated by the rest of the world.