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International Phone Area Codes

Many area codes abroad are different from ones that people are accustomed to in their home country. In fact, a European area code can look much different from an African area code or Australian area code. Many Americans expect the rest of the world to use area codes that reflect the American area code system, but this is certainly not the case. Instead of worrying about the differences between international area codes, it is much easier to familiarize yourself with the how each country’s area codes function to serve a common goal. The primary function of an area code is to connect you to the person that you are trying to reach, which is a function that is all too easily forgotten.

When calling international phone numbers, the process does not begin with the international area codes. Many individuals are surprised to learn that there is a list of country calling codes. A country calling code is the first step to dialing an international phone number, and precedes the area code of the phone number that you are dialing. Country area codes are very specific and depend on where you are calling from as well as where you are calling to. However, it is important to realize that a country calling code has two parts. The first part is your country’s exit code, which would be the country that you are making the call from. The second step is the country code for the country that you are calling. The exit code precedes the country code, and then the area code follows. Naturally, these steps make for a very long process, which may confuse first time international phone number dialers. Nevertheless, it is fairly easy, as the country code remains consistent regardless of where you are making the call from. For instance, the number one is the country code for the United States. As a result, you will need to dial the number one prior to the United States area code regardless of whether you are making the phone call from Europe or Africa. Additionally, the country’s exit code remains consistent. Consequently, to make an international phone call, you must first dial the exit code for that country, which is followed by the country code for the country that you are trying to call.

Depending on the country that you are trying to call, the phone number sometimes undergoes minor changes when adding the country code and exit code. In Africa, many phone numbers have a zero that precedes the area code and phone number.

Locals dial this zero when making phone calls to different regions in the country. However, when you make a phone call to the same country, you are required to drop that zero when you add the exit code and country code. This process confuses individuals who assume that all countries have area codes that look the same. In reality, many countries have three digit area codes while others have only two digit area codes. Similarly, exit codes and country codes can also vary in length. For instance, Australia has a two digit country code whereas Canada and the United States have a one digit country code. Furthermore, certain islands and countries such as Antarctica have three digit country codes. Therefore, it is important to not be deceived into thinking that you must be dialing the right phone number merely based on its length. Sometimes six digits, combining the exit code and country code are required before the area code for the city can be entered.

Although international area codes seem excessively confusing, do remember that they were put in place to standardize the process of international dialing. If you are armed with the right exit code, country code, and area code, calling any place in the world becomes possible. It is magical to think that you could be in a European area code and successfully call someone in a different hemisphere and time zone by using international area codes. Successfully using international area codes requires patience and perseverance. Often times tweaking a number here or there will grant you quick success and connect you to the right person overseas. An international area codes list does help simplify the process, and will make dialing an international phone number much less stressful. The system pretty much remains the same regardless of the country that you are calling from and the country that you are trying to reach. As a result, once you understand the basic system, you will be able to quickly and easily call any international phone number with enviable ease.