Area Code 501

Where Is Area Code 501?

Updated: June 21st 2021

With a city population of nearly 200,000 people, it is a good thing that people in Little Rock, Arkansas have a place in nature to go and relax. In fact, the 501 area code is home to the second cleanest city in America according to Forbes magazine.  Population growth has been on the rise in the 501 area code, which originally was used for the entire state of Arkansas. We are sure that all of that clean air is at least partly responsible for the massive increase in population, which made it necessary for Little Rock to add the 870 and 479 area codes.

Originally inhabited by Native Americans, as early as 1541, many historical artifacts have been found in the 501 area code. One of the most astounding discoveries is the Mississippian earthwork mounds that show evidence of Hernado de Soto’s expedition. With all of the French and Spanish explorations occurring in this region, it is only fitting that La Petite Roche, or Little Rock, was used as a landmark. For instance, the huge bank on the side of the Arkansas River, in the 501 area code, marks the geographic transition between the flat surface of the Mississippi Delta and the Ouachita Mountains.

Area code 501 has an extensive history spanning many scandals and historical events. In 1957, the Little Rock Nine attempted to enroll at an all white high school, drawing national attention.

They were taking a huge racial stance as this was a novel idea in one of the most racially segregated states in the entire nation.  President Dwight Eisenhower had to send federal troops to the area to guard the students’ wellbeing and to make certain that they would be able to attend school peacefully.

Almost forty years after the Little Rock Crisis, President Bill Clinton became the President of the United States. President Clinton added a breath of fresh air to the 501 area code’s international reputation by choosing the Old State House in downtown Little Rock to deliver his acceptance speech on election night. Choosing this historical building as the location of his memorable speech, President Clinton placed the 501 area code back on the American map as a notable city but for a reason that people in Arkansas could be proud of. In reality, President Clinton is the first person from the 501 area code and the entire State of Arkansas to become president.

Major Cities In Area Code 501

Little Rock

Little Rock is indeed a very nice place to live. With a racially diverse population, the 501 area code consists of relatively equal numbers of Caucasians and African Americans. As one of the best places of employment in America, the 501 area code has a good amount of well-known employers. These companies include Blue Cross and Blue Shield, Baptist Health Medical Center, Siemens, Kroger, Timex, and L’Oreal Paris. The University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences and Arkansas Children’s Hospital also provide the 501 area code with many of its jobs. Furthermore, Little Rock is slowly establishing itself as foreign trading zone by attracting international companies such as the Danish manufacturer LM Glasfiber.

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