Area Code 586

Where Is Area Code 586?

Updated: January 22nd 2021

Area code 586 was brought into effect on September 22, 2001, as a split from area code 810. Today area code 586 serves Macomb County, Michigan and lies within the Eastern Standard Time.

Warren is a city located in area code 586 and is Metro Detroit’s largest suburb. It is the largest city in Macomb County and the third largest city in Michigan. Warren has an estimated population of 134,056 and the racial makeup of the city is 78.4% White, 13.5% Black, 4.6% Asian, and 2.1% Hispanic (2010 Census). Since 1970, the population has rapidly declined while the violent crime rate has increased. Warren is made up of four neighborhoods: Southeast Warren, Southwest Warren, Northeast Warren, and Northwest Warren. The top three employers in the city are General Motors, TACOM, and Chrysler. Historical markers in the city include the Detroit Arsenal Tank Plant, the Detroit Memorial Park Cemetery, the General Motors Technical Center, and the Warren Truck Assembly. Unfortunately for Warren, the city made the Forbes top ten list for America’s Most Miserable Cities.

Sterling Heights is another city located in area code 586. It is the fourth largest city in Michigan and the second largest suburb in Metro Detroit. Incorporated as a city in 1968, Sterling Heights was home to many people of ethnic European origins; the majority of these residents worked in automobile plants operated by Ford and Chrysler. Today the city is part of the Clinton River watershed and is 16 miles from Downtown Detroit.

Sterling Heights has an estimated population of 129,699 and the racial makeup of the city is 85.1% White, 6.7% Asian, 5.2% Black, and 1.9% Hispanic (2010 Census). Unlike Warren, Sterling Heights has an average or slightly below average crime rate; the city frequently ranks as the safest city in Michigan with a population of over 100,000.

Points of interest include the GM Heritage Center, the Sterling Heights Nature Center, and Dodge Park. Sterling Heights is also known for having quite a few sister cities; sister cities are linked to another for the purpose of cultural exchange. Some of the sister cities include Tetovo, Republic of Macedonia; Cassino, Italy; Shengjin, Albania; and Sorsogon City, Philippines.

St. Clair Shores is a city bordering Lake St. Clair in Macomb County. The city is a part of the Metro Detroit area and is located roughly 13 miles northeast of downtown Detroit. St. Clair Shores has an estimated population of 59,715 and the racial makeup of the city is 92.7% White, 3.9% Black, 1.7% Hispanic, and 1.0% Asian (2010 Census). Like Sterling Heights, St. Clair Shores has an average or slightly below average crime rate. One of the most popular spots in the city is the Nautical Mile District, which features many restaurants, unique shops, boat dealers, and full service marinas. This is where residents and tourists can get up close and personal with Lake St. Clair and various canals. Each year, residents of the city look forward to the Memorial Day Parade, which includes local sports teams and marching bands. St. Clair Shores is home to many parks including Lake Front Park, Veterans Memorial Park, and Saint Clair Shores Park.

Major Cities In Area Code 586


Sterling Heights

St. Clair Shores



Eastpointe is a city in Macomb County and is also a part of the Metro Detroit Area. The city was formerly known as East Detroit before the name was changed to Eastpointe in 1992. Eastpointe has an estimated population of 32,442 and the racial makeup of the city is 65.6% White, 29.5% Black, 2.1% Hispanic, and 1.1% Asian (2010 Census). The city is considered to be a bedroom community, which means a community whose residents work outside of where they reside; this is usually a sign of little commercial or industrial activity in the community. Unfortunately Eastpointe is not a safe city to reside in; the crime rate here is considerably higher than the national average. When it comes to entertainment and recreation, the city hosts many summer festivals and events, including the Erin-Halfway Days Living History Festival, Cruisin’ Gratiot, and Summerfest. When it comes to athletics, a number of professional football players graduated from the East Detroit High School. Some of the parks in the city include Eastpointe Spindler Park, Kennedy Park, and Shamrock Park.

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