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Area Codes In Georgia

Long gone are the days when Georgia was only known for the confederate flag and the birthplace of Coca Cola. Currently, Georgia area codes are making headlines throughout the country for their huge economic growth. With both corporate headquarters for powerhouses such as Delta Air Lines and UPS, as well as a booming agricultural output, the financial future of Georgia is safe and secure. In fact, Georgia is the headquarters for more than 1,700 international companies. Furthermore, the Georgia area code exports products including poultry, eggs, pecans, and its famous peaches.

Dinnertime in Georgia area codes is unique compared to the northern states. Characterized by fried foods and collard greens, the names of dinner items in Georgia belong to an entirely new language. Collard greens are a staple vegetable in the Deep South, which includes Georgia. Various green vegetables, including spinach and kale, are mixed together with salted meats and spices. The distinctive taste involved with collard greens is generally an acquired taste, as the pungent flavor can be overwhelming to inexperienced taste buds. Georgia area codes are also known for their fried foods. You may already be familiar with fried chicken or even fried bread, but the Georgia area code takes fried food to an entirely new level. Frying Oreos and even chocolate candy bars, the Deep South knows how to make artery clogging treats even unhealthier for your heart.

Nevertheless, Georgians are expert cooks and know how to successfully cook other Deep South dinner items such as barbeque ribs and cornbread. If certain precautions are taken, many traditional foods can be made much healthier.

With appetites that are geared toward unhealthy items, it is not surprising that people in Georgia area codes are particularly obese. Nearly 60% of people who live in Georgia are overweight or obese. Accordingly, obesity costs Georgia more than $2 billion each year in medical costs alone. This excessive amount does not include costs associated with lost productivity due to sick days or even lost workers due to mortality that is caused by obesity. In order to fight back against obesity, Georgia has taken steps to help public awareness grow. Billboards have started popping up all over Georgia area codes that share controversial messages, including “Big bones didn’t make me this way. Big Meals did” as well as “Chubby kids may not outlive their parents.” These billboard advertisements were met with public outrage, which included people who claim that the messages further stigmatize obesity. However, childhood obesity has increased more than 300% in the last thirty years, and these messages may be exactly what the public needs to hear. Tons of kids are still bullied for being obese, which makes it feasible that another approach may be more successful. Supplying schools with nutrition-conscious health programs and reinforcing positive behavior could be more successful in the long run than concentrating on the negative consequences of bad decisions.

Regardless of its problems with obesity, residents of Georgia area codes still enjoy a great quality of life. Homes are generally affordable, which alleviates stress felt by a lot of families. Furthermore, healthcare in Georgia area codes is exceptional. Nearly 30,000 physicians practice in Georgia and the state has almost 200 hospitals. The outstanding health care in Georgia is largely due to its extensive educational institutions. Four medical schools in Georgia area codes provide the state with a consistent supply of new doctors each year. Other universities such as Emory University provide students with excellent faculty who prepare students for success in the real world. Naturally, the economy in Georgia is first rate, supplying Georgia residents with many jobs. In fact, Georgia is one of the top states in the United States for small businesses, which explains the fairly high median income.

Georgia is not only a nice place to live; it is also popular with tourists. Millions of tourists flock to Georgia area codes each year for a variety of attractions. Atlanta is home to the biggest aquarium in the world and Georgia also has a Six Flags amusement park. People who are interested in a more cultural experience can head straight to Savannah, GA for a history lesson during the early evening and spend the daytime hours on the beach. Nevertheless, there is nothing quite like escaping to the Georgia mountains and going apple picking with friends. There is still a ton of unspoiled landscape in Georgia, which makes it ideal for taking nature hikes or camping. Georgia’s thriving economy has provided locals with quite a bit of disposable income. As a result, there are many luxury shopping experiences around every corner, which is undoubtedly enjoyed by tourists who are looking for something to do on a cloudy day. The Georgia area code also offers other attractions such as the popular World of Coca-Cola, CNN Center, and historic Douglass Theatre. The state of Georgia is the perfect holiday destination for families on a budget, as the low cost of living has translated into affordable hotels and recreational activities. Travelers are frequently shocked by the low prices in grocery stores as well as the shockingly low price of gas. Accordingly, it is a wise idea to fill up your gas tank in Georgia before making the drive home, especially if you live in a major city.

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