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Where Is Area Code 912?

General James Edward Oglethorpe, the founder of Georgia, arrived in the region in the early 1800s. A few years after Oglethorpe’s arrival, Georgia became a colony and was also given the name of Savannah. Currently, the 912 area code is used for Savannah and the cities that border it. Area code 912 was created in 1954 when it was split from the 404 area code. In 2000, the 912 area code was split again when new area codes were added to nearby cities. For instance, the 229 and 478 area codes were split from the 912 area code. Nevertheless, the 912 area code is still used for several cities, including Savannah, Jesup, Vidalia, Brunswick, and Douglas. Residents in the 912 area code do not have to dial the area code before numbers in the same region because the other area codes were split and not overlaid.

Savannah is a close knit community in the Deep South. Temperatures in Savannah are generally mild throughout the year, which makes it the perfect vacation destination in Georgia. Most tourists in the region enjoy historic attractions and quaint bed and breakfast environments. The 912 area code is known throughout the world for its hospitality and Southern charm. Tourists in Savannah feel welcomed and at home. Visitors do not need to look far in Savannah to find historic attractions. In fact, most of Downtown Savannah is marked as a National Historic Landmark. Recreational activities for tourists include sightseeing, but the beach is surprisingly also a popular attraction. Tybee Island is a small vacation spot with a rich history. For example, one of the first lighthouses in the United States was built on Tybee Island. The Tybee Lighthouse was built in the early 1700s and is remarkably still operational.

The Squares of Savannah are also a landmark in Savannah. Each of the twenty-four squares is a tribute to a historical event or people, and often contains important monuments. For example, the squares contain the Tomochichi Federal Building and U.S. Courthouse, as well as many other important historical buildings.

With just under 150,000 people, residents of the 912 area code also enjoy everything that the region has to offer. Most people who live in Savannah are workers in the manufacturing, tourism, or military industries. Savannah was originally a port city, trading tons of silk and cotton each year. However, Savannah’s economy now depends mostly on tourism. Each year, tourists spend more than $2 billion in the 912 area code. Accordingly, about one-fifth of Savannah’s residents are employed by the tourism industry. Surprisingly, Savannah is also a leader in the paper production industry. Area code 912 is the home of the International Paper Company and the world’s biggest paper mill. Accordingly, the International Paper Company employees many of Savannah’s residents. More recently, JCB, one of the leaders in construction equipment, established its headquarters in Savannah.

Arts and culture are heavily emphasized in Savannah. Festivals attract thousands of tourists to the 912 area code each year. For instance, the Savannah Jazz Festival and Savannah Music Festival are extremely popular with music aficionados from all over the United States. In fact, the Savannah Music Festival is the largest in Georgia and one of the most celebrated events in the South. One of the biggest festivals occurs in Savannah each year for Saint Patrick’s Day. The celebrations in area code 912 for St. Patrick’s Day are huge and remarkable, attracting many individuals who are seeking a Mardi Gras kind of experience. Theater is also loved by residents in area code 912. The Savannah Theater, Little Theatre of Savannah, Savannah Community Theater, and Savannah Children’s Theater are all popular community attractions.

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Savannah’s most notable educational institution is the Savannah College of Art and Design. The non-profit institution is a leader in all mediums of art and is internationally respected. Furthermore, it actually has other locations in Atlanta, Hong Kong and Lacoste, France. SCAD has become the training ground for some of the most celebrated artists of the 21st Century. Two of SCAD’s alumni have won Pulitzer Prizes, and many others have gone on to win Grammies as well as other recognitions. SCAD alumni are known for their groundbreaking creativity and passion for the arts. It is only fitting that several of SCAD’s graduates have gone on to create visual effects for Disney films, develop comic strips, and pursue their dreams as singing superstars. It would be difficult for SCAD alumni to not succeed, as their faculty includes successful Hollywood screenwriters, producers, comic strip artists, and visual effects supervisors.

Consequently, it is easy to see that the Savannah, GA area code is a cultural and artistic center in the South. With historic buildings lining the streets and aspiring artists gathering at SCAD, it is only fitting that area code 912 attracts a more cultured visitor. Tourists in the Savannah area code quickly come to love the quirky aspects of the city that are highlighted by the spooky architecture. There is something to be said about walking down streets where history was made, which certainly inspires the artists that flock to Savannah. Undoubtedly, residents in Savannah have come to appreciate the artistic aspect of their city, and often take advantage of the local festivals and shows, which are often free of charge. It is hard to not fall in love with this city, which has a population that is small enough for the postman to learn your name.

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