Area Code 218

Where Is Area Code 218?

Updated: March 20th 2021

Area code 218 serves the northern part of Minnesota and is the largest area code in Minnesota. Area code 218 was put into use on January 1, 1947. Area codes 218 and 612 were Minnesota’s original two area codes. In 1954, area codes 218 and 612 were split to form area code 507.

Duluth is a major port city located in Minnesota. Duluth is the county seat of Saint Louis County and is situated on the north shore of Lake Superior. Duluth, along with Superior, Wisconsin, forms a metropolitan area called the Twin Ports; together they are the Great Lakes’ largest port. The city has a humid continental climate, meaning warm summers and very cold winters. Duluth has a population of 86,265 and the racial makeup of the city is 90.4% White, 2.5% Native American, 2.3% African American, 1.5% Asian, and 1.5% Hispanic (2010 Census). Unfortunately Duluth is among Minnesota’s top ten most dangerous cities. Duluth is the center for banking, retail, and medical care not only for itself but also for northern Minnesota, northern Wisconsin, and northwestern Michigan. Duluth is also the center for the transshipment of raw materials such as coal, steel, and cement. To focus on tourism, the city developed a tourism-oriented district known as Canal Park; old warehouses were converted into restaurants, cafes, shops, and hotels. Museums that focus on arts and literature include the Tweed Museum of Art and the Karpeles Manuscript Library Museum. Some of the best parks to visit in Duluth are Leif Erikson Park, Brighton Beach Park, Hartley Park, and Fairmount Park. Recreational activities include kayaking, canoeing, hiking, sailing, fishing, and mountain biking. Points of interest in Duluth include the Great Lakes Aquarium, the Lake Superior Zoo, the Lake Superior Railroad Museum, and the Duluth Children’s Museum. An interesting fact about Duluth is that Duluth was home to the Lake View Store, the first modern indoor mall built in the United States. Another interesting fact about Duluth is that Duluth was home to the man who invented the dessert Pie a la Mode.

Moorhead is a city in Minnesota and the county seat of Clay County. The city was named after William Garroway Moorhead. Moorhead is located next to the Red River and has some of the flattest and richest land for agriculture in the world.

Moorhead has a population of 38,065 and the racial makeup of the city is 90.7% White, 4.1% Hispanic, 2.0% African American, 2.0% Asian, and 1.5% Native American (2010 Census). When it comes to crime, Moorhead is among the safest cities in Minnesota.

Even though the economy is based around agriculture, Moorhead is still home to important corporate, manufacturing and distribution industries. When it comes to art, the city is home to the Rourke Art Museum and the Bluestem Center for the Arts. A big point of interest in Moorhead is the Hjemkomst Center, a museum containing replicas of the Hjemkomst ship and a Stave Church. When it comes to sports, hockey is the favorite sport of Moorhead.

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Bemidji is a city in Minnesota and the county seat of Beltrami County. At the center of the Red Lake Indian Reservation, the Leech Lake Indian Reservation, and the White Earth Reservation is Bemidji. In addition to being the central hub of Indian reservations, Bemidji also houses many Native American Services. Bemidji has a population of 13,431 and the racial makeup of the city is 81.3% White, 11.3% Native American, 1.9% Hispanic, 1.4% Asian, and 1.2% African American (2010 Census). Unfortunately Bemidji is not a safe city to reside in or visit; the crime rate is either the highest or second highest in Minnesota. Art is a big part of the city; the streets are lined with small stores and decorated with sculptures and other forms of public art. Points of interest in Bemidji include Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox, Lake Bemidji State Park, Sculpture Walk, Headwaters Science Center, and Paul Bunyan’s Animal Land. When it comes to sports, hockey and curling are the favorites sports of Bemidji; Bemidji is often called the “curling capital” of the United States. When it comes to recreation, the city is home to numerous lakes, snowmobile trails, and cross-country ski trails.

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