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Where Is Area Code 978?

Undoubtedly, the beautiful change of seasons in the northern part of America inspired Frost when he wrote poems such as “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening” and “Fire and Ice.” Lawrence, Massachusetts, functioned as the childhood home of Frost and he is arguably the city’s most celebrated former resident. The 978 area code is used by residents in Lawrence, but it should be noted that the area code was added many years after Frost lived in the city. In fact, the 978 area code was created in the late 1990s as a split from the 508 area code. Haverhill, Lowell, Peabody, and Leominster are other cities that also use the 978 area code. However, area code 978 is not the only area code that most of these cities share. Due to population increases in the region, an overlay (351) was necessary in the early 2000s. Accordingly, 351 and 978 area codes share the northeastern quarter of the state. Furthermore, the overlay has caused residents in the 978 area code to be required to dial ten digit phone numbers to make local and long distance phone calls in the region.

Robert Frost was born in 1874, and moved to Lawrence, Massachusetts at a fairly young age. In fact, many of Frost’s first publications appeared in the Lawrence High School Bulletin, highlighting his brilliant poems and essays. Obviously, Frost possessed a talent that far exceeded any talent that was ever seen in the 978 area code. Exceptional creativity is not necessarily characteristic of residents in Essex County, as most residents are involved in manufacturing and blue collar labor. Organized labor in companies such as the American Woolen Company, Malden Mills, and the American Automobile and Power Company functions as the primary income for the majority of residents. In the 1800s and early 1900s most residents in Lawrence were of immigrant backgrounds and had not been given the proper chance to pursue an education. Irish, German, Polish, Italian, Jewish, and Lebanese communities made up the population in what is now known as the 978 area code, which is why Lawrence was often referred to as “Immigrant City.”

Currently, Lawrence is still made up of a large immigrant community, although Hispanic rather than European heritage is now primarily represented in the 978 area code.

Lowell is a prominent city in area code 978. Home to the University of Massachusetts Lowell, the city has a large student population that enjoys what the city has to offer. Situated on the Merrimack River, residents and tourists have easy access to water sports in this portion of the 978 area code. Lowell is alive with culture, outdoor activities, and sporting events that entertain people of any age. For example, the Lowell Historical Park is a great place for field trips and educational day trips. The historical park explores the manufacturing history of the city in a way that is easily understood and appealing to people of all backgrounds. In contrast, the Lowell-Dracut Tyngsboro State Forest is an excellent place to enjoy the summer months. The forest has many trails that are suitable for bike rides or intense hikes, which is one of the many reasons why it is popular with students at the nearby University of Massachusetts Lowell. The city is also dotted with several art galleries and museums, which include art by the renowned James McNeil Whistler. However, most tourists flock to area code 978 for its lively festivals that occur at various times during the year. The city’s youthful population has made it an excellent breeding ground for up and coming performers, artists, and poets. As a result, it is relatively easy to find a festival that celebrates local musical talents, or a poetry reading that showcases the talents of local students in the 978 area code.

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There must be something in the air in area code 978, as another famous author has close roots the region. Jack Kerouac was born in Lowell in 1922. He was an iconic American novelist who changed the realm of writing for many writers who followed in his footsteps. Kerouac essentially reinvented the modern writing wheel, and was able to push the boundaries of what was accepted in modern writing. Excerpts from his books make Kerouac sound like an enlightened individual who makes the answers to the most complex questions seem understated and easily visible. Kerouac is undoubtedly one of the most notable celebrities to come out of the 978 area code. It is unclear just how much living in Lowell affected Kerouac’s writings although it is certainly probable that the immigrant communities in the 978 area code affected Kerouac’s forward thinking attitudes that are noticeable in his writings. For instance, a central theme in Kerouac’s novels is going against the grain of popular thought and rethinking popular opinions.

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