Area Code 774

Where Is Area Code 774?

The 774 area code was only implemented in 2001, as an overlay to the 781 area code. The 774 area code shares a huge responsibility with the 781 area code, providing coverage for the second largest city in New England. More than 180,000 people live in the 774 area code and use it on a daily basis. The overlay was not met with much opposition, and residents in Worcester quickly made peace with having to dial ten digits for local numbers.

The 774 area code is a prime tourist destination. The city of Worcester is rich in history, but it also has a variety of offerings for tourists who are interested in modern entertainment. For history buffs, the American Antiquarian Society and Higgins Armory Museum are the best options in the 774 area code. In contrast, the Worcester Art Museum is a great place for art enthusiasts to spend an afternoon. Boasting works by Rembrandt, Pollock, Matisse, and also Renoir, the Worcester Art Museum has a surprisingly magnificent collection of art. Not many people would expect to find such a stunning array of artwork in the Worcester, MA area code, but the Worcester Art Museum obviously sets the record straight. The city is also alive with cultural activities. Live concerts and Broadway shows can easily be found at local venues or at the Hanover Theatre for the Performing Arts respectively. Mechanics Hall, which was built in the Renaissance Revival architectural style, is an especially stunning location to see a live performance.

Most performances at Mechanics Hall are a bit more formal, focusing on orchestras and more mellow bands. Furthermore, Mechanics Hall is a great place to drop by to take pictures, as it has secured a spot on the National Register of Historic Places.

When planning a trip to the 774 area code, it is best to keep the time of year in mind. Festivals are held throughout Worcester at different times of the year, and it would be a pity to miss a wonderful festival due to bad planning. For example, the Worcester Music Festival is the oldest musical festival in America, and typically holds events during the springtime. Additionally, the New England Metal Festival attracts thousands of hard rock music enthusiasts to the 774 area code in hopes of seeing a live performance by relatively unknown or internationally renowned rock bands. Despite these typically Worcester events, the 774 area code is also an excellent place to be during major holidays. New Years Eve celebrations in area code 774 area code are usually memorable. Furthermore, the city of Worcester also holds a well-known St. Patrick’s Day parade. Naturally, festivals and art events have attracted many artistically inclined residents and tourists to the 774 area code, which has made it easy for locals to find like minded people who enjoy similar sights and sounds.

Major Cities In Area Code 774


Clark University is located in the Worcester area code. Interestingly, it was the first academic institution in the United States to offer students the opportunity to pursue graduate degrees. As a result, it is only fitting that Clark University has brought much prestige to the United States, and especially area code 774. For instance, G. Stanley Hall, a respected psychologist, was a professor at Clark University at one point in time. G. Stanley Hall actually founded the American Psychological Association, which is the premier professional organization for psychologists in the United States. Accordingly, Hall was also the first president at Clark University and gave the university an exceedingly positive reputation in the field of psychology. Furthermore, Clark University was the only academic institution where Sigmund Freud spoke during his visit to the United States. Despite these marvelous beginnings in Worcester, Clark University has dealt with a fairly lackluster reputation in the 774 area code during recent years. Admissions to Clark University are relatively easy and the university has lost its fabulous reputation.

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