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Where Is Area Code 857?

As one of the first settlements in the United States, the Boston area code bore witness to pivotal events in the country’s seminal years. As a result, the Boston, Massachusetts area code is a prime destination for tourists of any age who are interested in American history. It should not be surprising that tourists from all over the world along with school groups from many American cities flock to the 857 area code each year visiting museums and statues which make Boston the ideal vacation destination for those who wish to expand their knowledge about the founding of the United States. However, the area code for Boston Massachusetts is not only an excellent destination for knowledge hungry visitors. In fact, the Boston, MA area code is filled with culturally pleasing activities such as musical performances, art shows, enlightening conferences, and prestigious restaurants.

Boston obviously has a long history in the United States that can be traced back several hundred years. Naturally, settlements in Boston existed long before the invention and subsequent general use of the telephone. Initially, Boston residents were required to communicate via messenger and regular snail mail. However, after the invention of the telephone, the 617 area code was implemented for use in the state of Massachusetts. After its initial implementation, it was used for the eastern half of the state, but it was later split to cover the metropolitan area of Boston exclusively. Ultimately, the 617 area code was split two times. It was split the first time in the late 1980s when the 508 area code took over the smaller eastern suburbs in Boston. The second split took place just over ten years later when the 781 area code was split and assigned to additional smaller suburbs. Throughout both splits, the heart of Boston retained the original 617 area code. Nevertheless, the 617 area code was not able to remain free from an overlay. In 2001 area code 857 was assigned as an overlay.

Traveling to Boston can be a highly enjoyable experience. Although Boston is located in the United States, it is has a unique culture that is very distinct. Most noticeably, Boston residents have an accent that takes the New Englander accent to an entirely new level.

The “r” sound is mostly silent in the Boston accent, and there are also several English words that are exclusively used in the region. For instance, people from Boston refer to a shopping cart as a carriage and use the word wicked to refer to a very good time. Both of these words can be extremely confusing if an unsuspecting visitor encounters them. Lots of tourists are also confused by the unique accent, but rest assured that the initial shock passes quickly. The entire 857 area code adheres to these linguist guidelines, which makes it a good idea for tourists to become familiar with the basics before stepping foot onto Boston soil. People in Boston are often perceived as being cold and aloof to visitors, but it should be noted that they do have soft hearts. Tourists can quickly become annoying to Boston natives who are consistently asked directions. The annoyance is usually only exacerbated in the Boston, MA area code when a tourist is somehow incapable of understanding directions given in the Boston accent, which Boston natives presume to be plain English. A little patience and understanding will go a long way in all of the Boston area codes.

Tourist attractions in Boston can be found around every corner. Museums are usually the most obvious choice, and tourists are usually content spending afternoons in art galleries. The Museum of Fine Arts in Boston is especially popular, and is widely considered to be Boston’s crown jewel as far as art is concerned. In addition, the 857 area code also has an excellent Children’s Museum, which is a good option if you are traveling with younger companions. The Children’s Museum is most captivating to elementary and middle school students, even though it is advertised to appeal to both toddlers and teenagers. Naturally, Boston is a hub for history museums and there are several to choose from. History museums in the Boston, MA area code range from focusing on Boston history exclusively to the history of civilization. Accordingly, visitors should pay careful attention to the history museum’s name and reputation before potentially making a long and harrowing journey through Boston only to end up at the wrong museum. There is nothing quite as mortifying for a tourist than to enter a museum expecting to find exhibits that detail the Boston Tea Party, only to find anthropological artifacts. Beyond the basic art museums, history museums, and children’s museums, Boston also boasts a rather extensive aquarium and several niche museums. The New England Aquarium is a must see in Boston, and its displays of marine life are well worth the hefty admissions price.

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While all of the Boston attractions surely do sound appealing on at least some level, Boston’s biggest attraction is certainly its baseball team. The Boston Red Sox have a reputation in Major League Baseball that makes fans weep with joy and naysayers furrow their brows. Boston culture is best experienced at Fenway Park, watching a Boston Red Sox home game. With a hot dog in hand, and surrounded by thousands of screaming Red Sox fans, Boston suddenly comes alive. The Boston Red Sox won a World Series title in 1918, but not again until 2004. Obviously, Red Sox fans in the 857 area code were overjoyed when the nearly ninety year losing streak finally came to an end. After the World Series win in 2004, the Red Sox went on to win again in 2007, which has secured its place in baseball history. Naturally, the Red Sox win in 2004 was not merely a fluke as the dedicated team went on to duplicate their success in 2007. Witnessing the Red Sox in action is definitely an experience that will please tourists, but witnessing the fans is what is truly rewarding. Red Sox fans are unlike any other in the history of sports, which has made watching baseball in this town a truly enjoyable experience even for those who do not generally enjoy watching it.

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