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Where Is Area Code 781?

Based on the small town atmosphere that visitors and residents enjoy in the relatively petite cities of Waltham and Medford, Massachusetts, one would never expect Boston to be just a short drive away. Nevertheless, people in the 781 area code, which covers both Waltham and Medford, enjoy the best of both worlds. On the one hand, locals are able to enjoy cafes that are free from overcrowding, while a few miles away they can enjoy some of the best museums, restaurants, and sights in the United States.

The 781 area code was assigned to the cities of Waltham and Medford in the late 1990s as a split from the 617 area code. Basically, the 617 area code was retained by the city of Boston and the smaller cities Waltham and Medford were forced to adapt to a new area code. Nevertheless, few residents in the newly created 781 area code seemed to mind and life went on in the Waltham and Medford area codes without a hitch. Population growth continued to surprise people in the region, and in the early 2000s officials decided that an overlay would be necessary. Accordingly, the 339 area code was added as an overlay for the 781 area code in 2001. Naturally, people in the 781 and 339 area codes must now dial the area code prior to making any phone calls, whether the phone call is local or long distance. Other than the cities of Waltham and Medford, there are several other cities that are also located in the 781 and 339 area codes. For instance, the tiny cities of Woburn, Braintree, Weymouth, Malden, Lynn, and Dedham as well as several others use the same area codes as Waltham and Medford. It should be noted that cities currently using the 781 and 339 area codes are particularly small, and an additional overlay or split seems very unlikely for the region.

Best known as one of Boston’s more popular suburbs, the Waltham, MA area code is filled with happy residents. Although located outside of the hustle and bustle of Boston, the Waltham area code is certainly not boring. Both Brandeis University and Bentley College are nestled in area code 781, although Waltham is usually associated with the Waltham Watch Company. In fact, the Waltham Watch Company was the first producer of truly American made watches.

The watch company is now defunct, but it made major contributions to the economy in Waltham for over 100 years. Original Waltham watches are considered priceless antiques, representing both American ingenuity & craftsmanship.

Surprisingly, the 781 area code has several options for tourists. Waltham visitors can view many famous time pieces at the Waltham Museum, which boasts the best of Waltham memorabilia. Additionally, Bentley College and Brandeis University’s presence in area code 781 has added a cultural element to the region. For instance art museums and national archives are easy to find in Waltham. The Rose Art Museum of Brandeis University is especially popular, although many smaller galleries can be equally pleasing to an art connoisseur. As a college town, Waltham also has tons of fun coffee shops and exciting restaurants, which aim to lure in the younger crowd.  The city of Waltham itself is also gorgeous to stroll through, and many of the buildings in Downtown Waltham can be traced back far in American history. As a result, one of the best things to do as a visitor in the 781 area code is to grab a coffee to go and stroll along the streets, admiring the architectural styles of Waltham buildings.

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The population in Medford is pretty much analogous to that in Waltham. As a similarly small town, Medford is also most known for its college student population. Tufts University is located in the Medford area code, and it is the main attraction in the region. Tourists and students in the Medford portion of the 781 area code are undoubtedly out of luck if they wish to be entertained without leaving the city of Medford. Founded in 1852, Tufts University has a stunning campus in area code 781. If a visitor happens to find themselves in Medford, an afternoon stroll through the Tufts campus is a must. Great efforts are taken by university officials to keep the campus in pristine shape, and as a private research university, Tufts definitely has the funds to keep the campus looking top notch. Similar to Waltham, the Medford portion of area code 781 is inundated with small coffee shops and eateries. As a result, it is relatively easy to enjoy the small town feel. Furthermore, the Tufts campus is popular with runners, and the rest of Medford is conducive to outdoor activities. In fact, the Medford portion of the 781 area code was listed by CNN Money as one of the best places to live in the United States. Low crime, exceptionally high income levels, and high educational test scores combine to make Medford an excellent place to live. If the thought of living in Medford still seems a bit boring for your taste, remember that Boston is just a stone’s throw away. The thought of being able to spend quiet evenings in the safe city of Medford and fun weekends in nearby Boston is a very appealing scenario for many individuals. Consequently, it is not surprising that Medford made CNN’s list of the best places to live in the United States.

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