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Where Is Area Code 617?

The city of Boston is located in Massachusetts. Boston is both the biggest city in the state and arguably the most well-known city in New England. Residents in Boston use the 617 area code, which was established in 1947. It seems fitting that a city that is rich in history is able to maintain its area code. In fact, the 617 area code has gone through several changes. Initially, it was used for the entire eastern section of the state of Massachusetts. However, in 1988, the 508 area code was split from the 617 area code. It was split again in 1997 when the 781 area code was added to the region. Then finally in May 2001, it was overlaid with the 857 area code. As a result, Boston residents are required to dial ten digit phone numbers when making local calls. Interestingly, the overlay only affected mobile phone numbers and landlines have retained use of the 617 area code. The current implications are unclear, but a future area code for the region seems inevitable, as the city of Boston continues to be one of the most sought after metropolitan areas in the United States for both quality of life and tourism.

The Boston area codes are undoubtedly a tourist’s dream. Historic buildings line the city and modern entertainment options are readily available. As a tourist in the 617 area code, it is important to know that the city is divided up into several different districts that cater to different needs. A tourist will undoubtedly be dissatisfied if they accidentally end up in the financial district, which inevitably lacks entertainment options that will please the general public. Tourist options in Boston are fairly diverse, engaging people from nearly every background. For instance, Chinatown is particularly fun for tourists who enjoy experiencing different cultures. Chinatown is also a great place to dine out in the 617 area code, incorporating classic favorites that are sure to please the pickiest palates. Downtown Boston is also an excellent district to invest time in. The downtown area has a wealth of history, including the Freedom Trail, Boston Commons, and Faneuil Hall. Nevertheless, Downtown Boston undoubtedly attracts the most tourists to the Boston Public Garden, which is also exceedingly popular with locals. It is very common in area code 617 to spot buildings that are well over three hundred years old. Although, locals in Boston often do not appreciate the wealth of notable buildings and have become accustomed to grabbing a sandwich in front of a historically significant building. Tourists usually do not make this mistake, as they are usually seen snapping photos in front of buildings that do not seem to attract the attention of bystanders.

The Boston Red Sox baseball team is one of the most well-known elements that make up the culture in area code 617. The Red Sox are not just a Major League baseball team. To most Bostonians, the Red Sox represent a way of life and are an intrinsic component of their identity.

For eighty-six years, Boston Red Sox fans waited patiently, some not so patiently, for a World Series win. The Red Sox won the World Series in 1918 but it took the eighty-six year long dry spell before they won again in 2004. Naturally, such immense loyalty to a team that repetitively failed requires more than what people generally refer to as team spirit. Loyalty to the Red Sox was passed down from one generation to the next, a tradition that is the equivalent to celebrating Christmas or supporting a particular university. As a tourist in the 617 area code, you may want to attend one of the Red Sox’s home games at Fenway Park. However, beware that every single home game is sold out and that finding good seats can quickly turn into a momentous task. As a result, careful planning is absolutely necessary if you wish to see one of the most legendary teams in American baseball perform live on their home turf.

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As one of the oldest cities in the United States, Boston is rich with history. Walking through the streets of the Boston area code there is a history lesson on nearly every corner. Puritans founded Boston during the early 1600s and many major historical events have occurred within its city limits. Most famously, the Boston Tea Party took place in what is now the 617 area code. Resisting British rule, colonists dumped massive amounts of tea instead of succumbing to British authority and paying taxes on the tea. Many people still associate the 617 area code with the Boston Tea Party, although such distinct protests have not occurred in the region during recent years. Nevertheless, Boston was historically very involved in major uprisings and protests. For instance, Boston was the center of the abolitionist movement and strongly opposed the Fugitive Slave Law. In fact, area code 617 has always welcomed immigrants and the disenfranchised over the entire course of its history. During the 1800s, Boston became the home to many Irish immigrants who were escaping the potato famine in their home country. By the mid 1800s, Irish immigrants made up more than twenty-five percent of the Boston population, which is evidence of Boston’s hospitable climate towards immigrants.

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