Area Code 339

Where Is Area Code 339?

The 339 area code covers both Medford and Waltham in Massachusetts. Implemented as an overlay in 2001, the 339 area code is a fairly recent addition to Massachusetts. It joined the 781 and 617 area codes that were already in use in the suburban areas of Massachusetts and more specifically Boston. The 617 area code was one of the original area codes in Massachusetts, and the 781 area code was split from it. Up until the 339 area code overlay went into effect, ten digit dialing was not required. Currently, however, residents are required to dial ten digits when making local phone calls in the eastern half of Massachusetts. Luckily for residents in the western half of the state, ten digit dialing is not yet required.

Medford is the quintessential small town on the East Coast. With barely 60,000 residents, Medford is basically a collegiate community. In fact, nearly half of Medford’s residents are involved with Tufts University in one way or another. Tuft’s presence in the 339 area code can be traced back to 1852, which has made it an indispensable component of the Medford community. As a private university with Christian roots, Tufts has maintained competitive academic rankings in both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Furthermore, Newsweek named Tufts as one of the New Ivies that are sprouting up all over the country. The term “New Ivy” in the 339 area code does not imply that the university is a new addition, but rather that it is only recently receiving the attention that it deserves. Naturally, admissions criteria for Tufts’ academic programs are stiff, but nontraditional applicants are welcomed by the admissions committee. In recent years, the admissions process at Tufts has included applicant YouTube videos, which has added a unique dynamic to the traditional application process. This forward thinking is noticeable throughout the university’s academic endeavors, and has helped Tufts stay on the front lines of academic research.

For example, Tufts is also on the forefront of accepting globalization with many international and study abroad programs. Welcoming international students continues to be a hallmark feature of the university, and can be credited with setting a standard of hospitality in Medford.

The city of Waltham is also located in the 339 area code, and similarly has a population that is made up of college students. In fact, Brandeis University is quietly tucked away in the Waltham area code.  As one of the leading liberal arts universities in the United States, Brandeis is undoubtedly the pride and joy of Waltham. However, it is not the largest university in the city of Waltham, as Bentley University steals this honor. With more than five thousand students, Bentley University secures Waltham’s reputation as a college town. Generally speaking, Bentley University is not as well known as Brandeis, but it does have a department that takes several top honors in the United States. Bentley University has an excellent business school and is respected for helping its students find graduates jobs.  In contrast, Brandeis is known for its selectivity and rigorous degree programs. The small university community at Brandeis creates close knit relationships between faculty and students. Accordingly, it is difficult to receive an undeserved grade in a class at Brandeis, as professors become acquainted with a student’s true academic potential. Naturally, both Brandeis and Bentley are welcomed in the 339 area code, and it is up to students to determine what kind of education environment is the best fit for their specific needs.

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Visiting the Waltham area code is not on most people’s “things to do before you die” list. However, if you happen to stumble across the 339 area code one day, you will be surprised to find a number of entertaining activities. Firstly, as a college town, Waltham is extremely pedestrian friendly, which makes using a car optional for both students and tourists. In fact, Waltham is ranked in the top one percent in the nation for its friendly pedestrian trails. Strolling through area code 339, tourists are often impressed with the eclectic array of restaurants and personalized shops. The city definitely has a small town feel and is buzzing with excitement during the early evening hours and on weekends. Waltham is a social city, and tourists find that impromptu concerts and unplanned coffee dates are a welcomed alternative to heavily scheduled city life.  In fact, it is the city’s charm that undoubtedly attracted the rock band, Aerosmith to establish a recording studio in the 339 area code during the 1970s. 

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