Area Code 847

Where Is Area Code 847?

Three cities, Schaumburg, Evanston, and Elgin in Illinois, are all covered by the 847 area code. The green hills and appealing lifestyle in the 847 area code led to noticeable population growth in the region. As a result, the 847 area code was overlaid with the 224 area code in 2002. Lives were made just a little bit more complicated, as eleven digit dialing became mandatory after the overlay. Luckily, residents in area code 847 do not have much to worry about and the overlay was greeted with genuine hospitality.

Not surprisingly, several television shows and films are set in Elgin, Illinois. The picturesque American town is the perfect backdrop for shows and films that chronicle the lives of the typically dysfunctional family. For instance, Dennis the Menace and Roseanne were both set in the Elgin area code. The trials and tribulations of a mother in Grace under Fire are also set in Elgin. In fact, you can view the main home in the television series right on DuPage Street, which is located in the 847 area code. Luckily, the residents in Elgin are not quite as dysfunctional as Hollywood would like you to think.

Schaumburg is another city that is located in the 847 area code. Nestled just outside of Chicago, Schaumburg residents are able to enjoy the small town life with big city benefits over the weekend. Chicago is actually just a short drive away from Schaumburg, making it possible to live in the 847 area code while working in the big city. Visitors to the Schaumburg area code will also quickly learn that the closest airport is Chicago’s O’Hare International, making a stop in Chicago almost inevitable. Nevertheless, it is not only residents of the 847 area code that are heading to Chicago. In fact, Chicago residents are frequently found shopping in area code 847.

For example, the second biggest mall in the United States is located in Schaumburg, making it a very popular shopping destination. The city also boasts the world headquarters of Motorola and an IKEA store, which leaves very little not to love about the 847 area code. 

Residents in the Schaumburg area code enjoy a fairly affluent lifestyle. The poverty rate is strikingly low and the median family income is about $85,000. Nevertheless, it is important to note that Schaumburg is fairly split when it comes to income levels. There are fairly wealthy regions of the city while other regions are markedly poor. Regardless, residents of all classes seem to get along just fine and crime rates are outstandingly low. Your chance of becoming a victim of violent crime in the 847 area code is nearly four times less than the rest of Illinois. Additionally, the property crime rate in area code 847 is significantly lower than the national average. These crime rates are probably explained by the local residents’ favorite activities, which include playing scrabble and finding ways to improve city life.

Major Cities In Area Code 847




Evanston is probably the best kept secret of the 847 area code. Many people across the world know about Northwestern University but few are aware that is tucked away in the small city of Evanston. The Evanston area code is not particularly noteworthy. The community does not stand out and the biggest conflict at town meetings is discussing the exact landmass that Evanston takes up in the 847 area code. The city often seems to function as a country that is entirely on its own, and many people have come to affectionately think of Downtown Evanston as an extension of Northwestern’s campus. This is not surprising as Northwestern students make up nearly one third of Evanston’s population. However, local officials strive to maintain that they are separate from the university, and often are seen demanding contributions from the university to the community in the 847 area code.

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