Area Code 352

Where Is Area Code 352?

Located in a relatively small city, the University of Florida is the biggest landmark in Gainesville, Florida. Implemented in 1996, area code 352 is a split from the 904 area code. Covering the city of Gainesville in Florida, the 352 area code is a novelty area code as it spells out the letters FLA, which stands for Florida, on telephone key pads.

The Gainesville area code is known throughout the United States as a place that knows good academics and great parties. Students at the University of Florida are some of the best and brightest in the state. In fact, the University of Florida is ranked as the best university in the state of Florida. The low instate tuition and excellent faculty members attract students from every kind of background. Furthermore, the University of Florida’s Gator football team is known to encourage massive school spirit. The entire 352 area code turns blue when there is a football game that day. Students in area code 352 are ranked by numerous publications for their parties, especially during football season. In fact, during football season the University of Florida’s students and alumni are known for their legendary tailgating. Consequently, gators fans are ranked as the loudest fans in the nation. The Ben Hill Griffin Stadium, also known as the swamp, seats more than 90,000 screaming fans.

More than half of the people who live in the 352 area code attend the University of Florida. As a “Public Ivy,” the University of Florida has a stellar academic reputation. As a result, acceptance at UF is extremely selective. For instance, most incoming freshman at UF have GPA’s that are over 4.0 and SAT scores that border 2,000. Not only do the students tend to achieve while they are attending the University of Florida, they also achieve afterwards.

Most students who graduate from the University of Florida tend to find jobs quickly, as employers recognize the value of a bachelors or masters degree from such a prestigious educational institution.

Furthermore, the University of Florida encourages their student athletes to excel inside and outside of the classroom. Accordingly, most student athletes in area code 352 graduate from the University of Florida with good GPA’s and degrees.

Although the University of Florida’s academic reputation is what places it at the top of America’s universities, it is the athletic departments in area code 352 that make the Gator mascot a household name. More than 150 current or former University of Florida students have competed in the Olympic Games. However, many universities can claim to have placed some of their athletes at the Olympic Games, the 352 area code is known to bring home medals. Approximately 90 Olympic medals have been won for the United States by Gator athletes. Among those medals are more than 40 Olympic gold medals that have made the 352 area code an athletic hub in the nation. Even though the University of Florida is most known for its football team, the runners from area code 352 know how to sprint for the gold medal.

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There is not much to do in Gainesville except for attending parties and artsy poetry readings at small cafes. However, if you do not mind a short little drive, you could be in for a real treat. Many natural springs are located right around the 352 area code. Crystal clear blue waters that stay cold all year make a perfect afternoon getaway for students and tourists. In fact, you could even go and swim with gentle manatees in the 352 area code and pretend that you are a mermaid. Scuba divers and snorkelers particularly enjoy the serene quality of natural springs. If you are more interested in staying on top of the water, you could also rent a tube or bring your own and calmly float down stream. Nevertheless, remember that the 352 area code gets particularly crowded around holidays such as 4th of July when tourists flock to the springs with their watermelons and picnic baskets.

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