Area Code 959

Where Is Area Code 959?

The 959 area code is a future area code for Hartford, Connecticut. A unique city, Hartford has interesting laws such as not permitting people to walk across the streets by using their hands! This fun city will implement the 959 area code at some point in the next few years as an overlay to the 860 area code. Announced in 1999, it will take several more years before the 959 area code takes effect. However, residents in the northwestern and eastern parts of Connecticut are already required to dial ten digit phone numbers.

The Hartford, Connecticut area code has a very rich publishing history. It is the location of the oldest newspaper in the United States that is still publishing new copies today, the Hartford Courant. Established in 1764, the Hartford Courant is still circulating more than 130,000 copies on most days of the week. As a Pulitzer Prize winning publication, the Hartford Courant covers controversial issues that the public needs to know about. Residents of the 959 area code were shocked in the 1990s when the Hartford Courant covered several stories regarding abuse by the Roman Catholic priest, Marciel Degollado. The Hartford Courant continues to be at the forefront when it comes to modern controversies, and area code 959 residents can buy a copy of history for only seventy-five cents on weekdays.

Area code 959 is also known as the birthplace of a different kind of publishing giant, the author of the world’s first dictionary. Noah Webster published An American Dictionary of the English Language in 1828, and completely altered education forever.

Webster’s goal was to preserve the English language in its true form. Before standardized spelling rules were put into effect, people were free to alter the language as they pleased. As a result, English grammar and pronunciation was vulnerable to colloquialisms that varied between regions before standardized spelling rules were developed. Accordingly, Webster also published The First Part of the Grammatical Institute of the English Language and The American Spelling Book. These books worked together to revitalize the education of America’s children. Furthermore, present-day spelling bees are the direct result of Webster’s life’s work. By stabilizing the English language, Webster inadvertently also stabilized the American identity. As you can imagine, the dictionary took away individualism. Americans were subsequently forced to maintain social order in their writings, which indirectly translated into obedience to authority.

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Another American icon, Mark Twain also lived in what is now known as area code 959. While living in Hartford, Connecticut, Twain wrote many of his most famous novels including The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court, The Gilded Age and The Prince and the Pauper. While living in Hartford, Twain was able to enjoy the company of other famous authors such as Harriet Beecher Stowe. The home that he lived in while writing these novels is preserved as a National Historic Landmark and labeled the Mark Twain House and Museum. Tourists area able to take a tour of the Victorian Gothic home that sprawls out over eighteen rooms.  Even though the home is quite beautiful and Mark Twain is extraordinarily famous, the Mark Twain House has received fewer visitors in area code 959 than anticipated. Only about 50,000 visitors stop by the Mark Twain House in the 959 area code each year. Unfortunately, this amount of visitors does not result in sufficient revenue to offset the costs of maintaining the museum. Accordingly, efforts are being made to promote the Mark Twain Home and Museum through fund raising.

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