Area Code 260

Where Is Area Code 260?

In 1871 the first professional baseball game took place in the Fort Wayne area code. Fort Wayne, Indiana residents currently use the 260 area code, which is reserved for much of Northeast Indiana. The 260 area code was implemented in a split from the 219 area code after numbering relief became necessary in early 2002. As a result, Fort Wayne residents must be careful when dialing numbers, as the original 219 area code is now used for Northwest Indiana while the 260 area code is set for Northeast Indiana.

Baseball is not the first professional sports game that was played in the Fort Wayne, IN area code. In fact, Fort Wayne is widely acknowledged as the birthplace of the National Basketball Association. The NBA was formed through a merger of the BAA and NBL in the 1940s. Accordingly, it is fitting that Fort Wayne has received awards that note it as one of the best places in the country for minor league sports. If you are interested in developing a new sport or a breakthrough player, the 260 area code is undoubtedly the place to be. For instance, area code 260 has minor league sports teams for football, hockey, basketball, baseball, and soccer. The Fort Wayne Komets, a minor league ice hockey team, has won several championships.

Luckily for Fort Wayne residents, Indiana University-Purdue University has a campus right in the 260 area code. More than 14,000 students attend the university, which is establishing a really excellent reputation in Fort Wayne.

Indiana University-Purdue University is quickly gaining more students in the 260 area code as they continue to expand their course selection. For instance, students at the university have the option of attending specialty colleges such as the School of Education, Richard T. Doermer School of Business, or the College of Engineering. Naturally, the university also offers all of the general subject areas, including departments for chemistry, psychology, mathematical sciences, nursing, and communication. An endowment that tops out at $25 million has further enabled the university to provide students with prestigious faculty members who are more than capable of preparing students for the real world or continuing education.

Festivals in the 260 area code are lively and an intricate component of the lives of people who live in Fort Wayne. Every year, Germanfest and Greek Fest attract tons of locals who are eager to celebrate their heritage. Fort Wayne residents who do not have German or Greek heritage also go out to celebrate, and savor the ethnic delicacies that are particular to those countries. The annual BBQ RibFest is an event that appeals to all ethnicities, especially celebrating American heritage. As the epitome of a Southern meal, BBQ rib enthusiasts from all over area code 260 and the country flock to Fort Wayne to show off or try prize winning ribs. Nevertheless one of the biggest festivals in the 260 area code is undoubtedly the Three Rivers Festival. Every year, nearly half a million people attend the festival that is held in Fort Wayne. In celebration of Fort Wayne’s heritage, locals chow down on hot dogs and watch parades that showcase the town’s pride.

Major Cities In Area Code 260

Fort Wayne

Surprisingly, area code 260 has one of the best children’s zoos in the nation. The Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo features 1500 animals and many child friendly exhibits. As a result, Child and Parents magazines have both ranked the zoo in the top ten during the last several years. Spanning across approximately 28 acres, the zoo makes a visible effort to appeal to a younger audience. For example, a petting zoo allows children to interact with goats, deer, and chickens. On the other hand, exhibits in the zoo appeal to every child’s storybook fantasy. Kangaroos, dingos, lions, giraffes, zebras, penguins, sea lions, tortoises, orangutans, tigers, and Komodo dragons delight children while also entertaining parents. Who would have guessed that you could take a journey through the Australian Outback, African Serengeti, and Indonesian Rainforest right in area code 260? The Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo is definitely the best option for entertaining youngsters in Fort Wayne and arguably the United States.

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