Area Code 620

Where Is Area Code 620?

The 620 area code is used for Dodge City, Garden City, and Hutchinson, which are all located in the state of Kansas. Area code 620 was implemented in 2001 in order to give numbering relief to the southern half of Kansas. It replaced much of the 316 area code, and quickly became one of the biggest area codes in the state. In fact, nearly all of southern Kansas is covered by the 620 area code, except for a tiny portion that retained the 316 area code.

As the windiest city in the U.S., Dodge City residents are accustomed to having their hair blown in the wind and using extra clips when hanging up laundry to dry outside. Known widely as the Old West, the Dodge City portion of the 620 area code is filled with cowboys and cowbells. In fact, Dodge City’s nickname is the Cowboy Capital of the World. Although the 620 area code has come a long way from its cowboy days which were characterized by cattle trade and corrupt saloons, its economy continues to depend on meat and livestock. Many residents in the 620 area code make their living by working for the meat packing industry. Although working in the meat packing industry is not the most glamorous occupation, it has provided locals with a consistent and dependable income that few dare complain about.

If you are interested in seeing bison, Garden City, Kansas is the best place in the world to visit. The Garden City portion of the 620 area code is home to the Buffalo Game Preserve, which boasts a huge herd of bison that rivals most others in the world. The pristine rural land in the 620 area code is the ideal location for bison, and people who enjoy living secluded from major cities. However, living in Garden City can be quite enjoyable.

Home to “The World’s Largest, Free, Outdoor, Municipal, Concrete Swimming Pool,” residents enjoy cooling off during the hot western summers. The pool can hold as many as 2,000 people comfortably, which happens to be more than 7% of the population in Garden City.

Not to be outdone by its neighboring cities in the 620 area code, Hutchinson is probably the most well-known due to its massive reserves of salt. Nicknamed The Salt City, Hutchinson locals discovered salt in the region in the late 1800s, which ultimately secured the region’s economic future. For instance, the very popular Morton Salt Company has mines located in area code 620. Most Americans will recognize the Morton Salt name, which is a trusted brand name for table salt in many homes. However, Morton Salt does not only produce salt for dietary consumption; the company also produces salt that is used in water conditioning and other industries. For instance, snowy winters usually require roads to be salted and salt also has many uses in agriculture.

Major Cities In Area Code 620

Dodge City

Garden City


If you are considering traveling to the 620 area code, be prepared for a fairly rural lifestyle. The biggest attraction in the region is undoubtedly the many small restaurants that take pride in their family recipes which are handed down to each generation. Cowboy boots are also an accepted accessory in the 620 area code, and no one will take a second glance if you wear a cowboy hat to dinner. Of course, some individuals may be interested in swimming in the huge pool in Garden City even though the thought of bacteria from 2,000 people swirling around in a pool may be a bit unappealing to most people who are not from the 620 area code. Hutchinson is home to the Kansas Cosmosphere and Space Center, which is a fun day trip for individuals who are interested in aviation artifacts although the displays at the center are quite limited and its most prized possessions include a moon rock and lunar rover. Unfortunately, the center was a victim of theft on numerous occasions, which was ultimately traced back to the center’s own director.

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