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Where Is Area Code 504?

Nationally recognized as the home of Mardi Gras, in 2005 the city of New Orleans received a different kind of attention when it was devastated by Hurricane Katrina. In fact, Hurricane Katrina shattered lives, homes, and the world’s perception of the New Orleans area code. Residents in New Orleans use the 504 area code, but extra users were added after Hurricane Katrina. Unfortunately, the hurricane wrecked several telephone switching facilities in cities near New Orleans, which has resulted in a shift to using telephone switching facilities in New Orleans itself. Accordingly, many users of the 504 area code are actually supposed to be using the 985 area code.

Living in the New Orleans area codes quickly turned from a fairytale into a horror story during the weeks that followed Hurricane Katrina in August 2005. Prior to Hurricane Katrina the 504 area code was not accustomed to hurricane evacuations. However, as the hurricane struck it quickly changed the way that residents in New Orleans and nearby cities would view the impact of a hurricane. The hurricane came quickly and swept through the bustling city center destroying nearly everything in its path. Area code 504 was left in unrecognizable shape, and most people wrongly assumed that the worst was over. Nevertheless, the city was not built to endure such a severe natural disaster and the hurricane resulted in a breach of more than fifty levees. Hundreds of people perished due to the flooding caused by the levee breaches, and the American people started pointing fingers as to who was to blame. National response to the disaster in the 504 area code was also questionable. Many people were left wondering how much of the consequences of Hurricane Katrina could have been prevented by faster response times by government officials who were in charge of sending aid. Regardless, the Category 5 hurricane left its mark on Louisiana’s most popular city, and the world waited to see how residents would respond to the unfathomable calamity.

Naturally, life in New Orleans was majorly affected after Hurricane Katrina struck the city in 2005. However, residents in the 504 area code were able to pull themselves together as a community.

Many of the hurricane’s effects remain visible within New Orleans. One of the most remarkable effects is the much smaller population size. Many individuals, who lost their homes and family members due to the hurricane, chose to relocate. As a result, the city of New Orleans’ population figures dropped significantly. Most areas that were affected by the hurricane decreased in population by more than half, while parts of the city that were not badly affected have actually had some population growth. Of course, it is definitely possible that the population increase in the unaffected neighborhoods is due to people from affected neighborhoods who are relocating to the unaffected parts of the 504 area code.

Despite the nerve wrecking devastation that Hurricane Katrina caused in New Orleans, tourism continues to thrive in area code 504. New Orleans is a favorite vacation destination for bachelor parties, spring breaks, and crazy getaways. The eclectic city welcomes visitors from any ethnic or religious background, and even the most bizarre individual will find acceptance in the 504 area code. Mardi Gras during the springtime is a particularly popular time to visit the city. Visitors and locals both scramble to collect the most beads and celebrations tend to go well past the midnight hour. Nevertheless, New Orleans is a fun place to visit anytime of the year. The French Quarter has plenty of delicious restaurants, horse drawn carriage rides, and stunning architecture to keep any tourist occupied for several days. In fact, a trip to New Orleans requires at least trying a Po’ boy sandwich for lunch or a beignet for dessert. A beignet is especially tasty and puts any Krispy Kreme donut to shame. The music scene is also thriving in New Orleans, and it is easy to find a live jazz concert in the 504 area code on almost any night of the week.

Major Cities In Area Code 504

New Orleans

When visiting New Orleans it is best to behave like a local. The city has a very unique cultural element that makes it almost like a different country within the United States. Reminiscent of Europe, the 504 area code is one of the top places for bicycling in the country. For instance, New Orleans is 8th in the United States for commuters who use a bicycle for transport. The flat surface in the 504 area code is ideal for bicycling and you should be able to get to work or your touristy destination without getting too sweaty. In addition to bicycling, the city is also unique in the way that locals tend to speak. The very distinct New Orleans dialect tends to change words in ways that are very difficult to pick up on at first. Instead of trying to mimic locals, it is best to speak in your natural voice. Locals tend to get annoyed when imitated as it is very difficult to wrangle up a convincing impression.

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