Area Code 302

Where Is Area Code 302?

Most of this state’s population is concentrated into one area, which gives the state one of the highest population densities as well as one of the lowest general populations in the United States. The entire state of Delaware uses the 302 area code. As one of the initial area codes established in the United States, Delaware started using the 302 area code in 1947. The population in Delaware is not particularly big and is also not experiencing major growth, which makes it unlikely that area code splits or overlays will be necessary in the near future. In fact, the entire population of Delaware is just under 900,000.

As the first state to endorse the Constitution of the United States, Delaware is widely known by elementary school students throughout the country as The First State. In more recent years, Delaware has become more associated with desolation. Not even one city in area code 302 has more than 100,000 residents. Nevertheless, these residents enjoy a high per capita income and thriving economy. For instance, people in Greenville, Delaware have a per capita income that is over $80,000.

Newark is one of the most popular cities in the 302 area code. Home to the University of Delaware, Newark has more than 30,000 residents. The University of Delaware continually makes headlines in educational publications for its excellent engineering programs.

For example, the engineering and chemical engineering programs at the University of Delaware have consistently ranked as one of the best in the United States. Much of Delaware’s economy is fueled by chemical industries, which have helped solidify the University of Delaware’s superior chemistry and biochemistry programs.

The Newark, DE area code is also known as a popular figure skating city. Multiple figure skating world champions and Olympians reside and train in area code 302. In fact, the University of Delaware Figure Skating Club is one of the best in the country. It is impossible to be involved in the world of figure skating and not know of Newark’s prestigious figure skating programs. Accordingly, Sporting News has ranked Newark as one of the best cities for sports in the United States.

Wilmington, DE has the largest population in the entire state. With more than 70,000 people, the Delawareans that live in the Wilmington, DE area code enjoy a rich Scandinavian heritage. In fact, Swedish colonies settled in Delaware in the 1600s. Wilmington has close ties with the military, which makes it fitting that it is the first city in the United States to use surveillance for its downtown. With more than 25 homicides in Wilmington annually, it seems only natural that extreme measures had to be taken in 2002 to help fight crime. Nevertheless, high crime has continued in the 302 area code, and citizens are unhappy with the constant surveillance.

Major Cities In Area Code 302




As the capital of Delaware, Dover is also one of the biggest cities in the state. Its population is still well under 40,000 people with more than 13% of the population below the poverty line. The city of Dover and the Kent County government are the major employers in the Dover area code.  However, because Dover is incredibly small, many government offices are located in the state’s largest city, Wilmington. For example, the Office of the Attorney General is located in Wilmington instead of Dover. The Dover Air Force Base is another major employer in area code 302. Interestingly, the Dover Air Force Base has the only U.S. military mortuary. As a result, soldiers who have perished during wars are processed in the 302 area code.