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Area Codes In Massachusetts

Home to both Harvard and MIT, Massachusetts is an educational powerhouse that is known to set the international standard for learning. Furthermore, Massachusetts’ extensive history, which spans several hundred years, has made it a prime tourist destination. School groups from all over the United States as well as tourists from various countries frequently visit various destinations in Massachusetts in order to expand their knowledge about American history and culture. It is certainly fitting, that with such a rich history, a Massachusetts area code is an ideal place to start a new career or endeavor.

Traveling to Massachusetts is a must for any American or foreigner visiting the country for the first time. The state is packed with shows, museums, and monuments that are sure to make any tourist content with their daily batch of sightseeing. Literature lovers are especially happy in Massachusetts, which gives them easy access to the intimate details of a variety of poets and authors who were from the region. American icons such as Emily Dickinson, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Sylvia Plath, and many others have close ties to Massachusetts area codes. Accordingly, their work is frequently featured in Massachusetts museums, along with unique artifacts that would be difficult to find elsewhere. Music is also popular in Massachusetts, and it is relatively easy to find tickets to see a brilliant orchestra or opera singer perform. It is easy to claim that Massachusetts may be one of the most artistically in touch states in the country. With art galleries that support traditional art as well as groundbreaking and modern pieces, Massachusetts area codes are on the forefront of ingenuity. As a state that is characterized by diversity, artists and musicians find acceptance in the eclectic crowd that tends to call Massachusetts home.

Naturally, there are many different area codes in Massachusetts. The most popular is arguably the Boston area code. Not only is Boston a fantastic tourist destination, it is also an excellent place to live and work. People in the Boston area code enjoy easy access to world class healthcare, museums, restaurants, and educational institutions. Living in Boston allows residents to enjoy the best of what a first world country has to offer. If for some reason you become afflicted with a major medical condition, the Boston area code will undoubtedly have a medical specialist that will meet your needs. Similarly, the legal profession is also thriving in Boston, providing legal services to some of the most prestigious companies and individuals in the United States. Law firms in Boston area codes are also well-known for their international affiliations, which is evident in the city’s exemplary international relationships. It is easy to see how Boston is able to maintain its international climate.

With a consistent stream of tourists traveling through this Massachusetts area code, Boston residents are frequently forced to deal with multicultural and international issues. Living side by side various immigrants and international tourists, people in the Boston area code are representative of some of the more positive effects of globalization.

Also located in Massachusetts, the Cambridge area code is another prestigious region in the state. Both Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology are located in this historic portion of Massachusetts.  Accordingly, the majority of residents in Cambridge are associated in one way or another with one of the esteemed educational institutions. Walking through the picturesque streets in Cambridge, tourists and locals are quickly confronted with the massive amount of students that live in the area. In fact, coffee shops and restaurants in the Cambridge area code are bustling with activity, and the majority of patrons are considered to be young adults. Because of its significant role in the history of the United States, Cambridge also attracts countless tourists every year. Most tourists are easily impressed with the authentic beauty that characterizes buildings and the university campuses in Cambridge. Tourists frequently find themselves imagining living in Cambridge, and often do not consider the hefty price tag. The cost of living in the Cambridge area code is astounding, and housing prices are best described as astronomical. If you happen to find yourself walking through the region, enjoy the moment, as living in Cambridge permanently is possible for a very select few. Nevertheless, do not let cost deter you from stopping by Harvard’s backyard while visiting this Massachusetts area code. A quick tour of the campus and a stop in one of the many gift shops will give you a sufficient taste of what it is like to live in one of the most affluent areas in the United States. Also remember to leave your car at home as the busy streets of Cambridge are best suited for pedestrians and you are likely to get frustrated behind the wheel.  

When many people think of Massachusetts area codes, the first thing that comes to mind is a delicious red lobster that is soaked in butter. Although this may seem odd for individuals who are unfamiliar with places that are located in the New England portion of the United States, the tasty crustacean is an iconic component of culture in Massachusetts. Residents and visitors to Massachusetts area codes savor their ability to enjoy easy access to fresh seafood, and lobster is certainly one of the most popular dishes. Also common in Massachusetts is New England clam chowder, which is found on nearly any seafood restaurant’s menu in the state. Clam chowder is usually served hot and is the perfect dish on brutally cold days in Massachusetts area codes. Originally, clam chowder was the ideal dish to serve on Fridays during Lent, which is the day that most Catholics would traditionally refrain from eating meat. The tradition continues throughout Massachusetts, although clam chowder has undergone many modernized variations. For instance, lobster chowder and crab chowder are often mentioned right next to clam chowder on seafood menus in New England area codes.

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