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Area Codes In Maine

Situated at the northern tip of the United States, Maine has a reputation for being a cut above the rest. In fact, Maine area code residents are usually the first to embrace social changes in the United States. Liberal thinkers and nature lovers live side by side in Maine area codes, enjoying life to the fullest. As a state that is characterized by acceptance and neighborly love, Maine is widely regarded as one of the best places to live in North America. However, it is not only the people’s kind attitude in Maine that has encouraged the positive ratings for the state. For instance, the air quality in Maine is particularly good and the wide array of open space encourages active lifestyles. People in Maine area codes are more likely to hop on a bicycle to commute to work than in other more crowded states. Furthermore, Maine area codes tend to be clean and tidy, which gives reason to believe that Maine residents are particularly earth conscience and friendly. Obviously, many of our natural resources are exhaustible resources, and people in Maine take precautions to prevent the early exhaustion of what is left of the natural beauty in the United States.

The Portland area code is arguably the largest in Maine. Many people who decide to relocate to Maine choose Portland for its high rankings and general appeal. At first glance, the Portland area code seems reminiscent of a small but busy modern day city. High rise buildings are readily visible and people obviously work within the city limits. However, upon closer inspection, it soon becomes evident that Portland has gorgeous trees that are scattered right along the industrial components of the city. The symbiotic relationship between the workforce in the Portland portion of the Maine area code and the natural history of the city is absolutely remarkable. Workers frequently bicycle to their places of employment, and enjoy the unspoiled beauty that surrounds the city of Portland. The natural aspects involved with working in Portland have definitely had a beneficial effect on the workforce, as they are rated as one of the most productive workforces in the United States. Fresh air that is largely free of pollution, undeniably contributes to nearly everyone’s productivity.

Employees in large cities and busy area codes often arrive at work already exhausted from traffic jams caused by severe accidents and continuous road construction. In contrast, workers in the Maine area code are able to enjoy their commute to work and be consistently surrounded by nature.

It should definitely be noted that the Maine area codes are located in the New England region of the United States. Similar to the Massachusetts and Connecticut area codes, Maine area codes are renowned for their New England cuisine and love for culinary wonders. In fact, people in the Maine area code love to eat, especially when it comes to seafood. Maine crab is a local favorite and is particular to the region. Additional favorites include lobster, clams and scallops. In fact, Maine is probably best known in the culinary world for its exquisite lobster. Restaurants throughout New England and the rest of the United States take pride in offering Maine lobster. Widely considered the best lobster available in the United States, Maine lobster is usually soaked in butter to delight the taste buds of culinary enthusiasts. When it comes to dessert, blueberry dishes take the lead in Maine area codes. Not surprisingly, Maine is the largest producer of blueberries in the world. For example, Maine produces more than a quarter of all low bush blueberries in the United States. Accordingly, the official fruit for Maine is the wild blueberry, which is undoubtedly enjoyed by the locals.

As the capital of Maine, one would expect the city of Augusta to be quite populous. Nevertheless, the Augusta area code has a scant population that is well under 20,000. People in the Augusta area code enjoy living in the state’s capital, which is known for its picturesque streets. Downtown Augusta is a tourist’s dream, and offers a Kodak moment on every corner. Much like the rest of Maine, the Augusta area code also offers residents and tourists the opportunity to enjoy the exceptional natural beauty that is associated with Maine. Large trees guide pathways throughout the city, and are a welcome respite for visitors who want to escape big and busy city life. As Maine’s capital, Augusta also has a surprising number of tourist attractions despite its small size. For example, the State Capitol Building is a popular spot for tourists, giving a bird’s eye view of the city as well as an insight into the inner workings of Maine’s government. A state museum is also located in Augusta, although the most popular tourist activity in any Maine area code involves the great outdoors.

Activities available to visitors to the area codes in Maine are endless. From skiing to mountain biking, there is really not a single outdoor activity that is impossible to do in Maine. Adventure seekers are particularly fond of whitewater rafting opportunities in the state. It is relatively easy to find a whitewater rafting company, including ones that will take new whitewater rafters on guided tours. Naturally, fishing is also a popular activity in Maine and sport fishers enjoy Maine area codes for their stiff competition. Bass, trout, and salmon are all popular catches in the Maine area code, and fishermen are usually surprised at how easy it is to get a decent catch. Of course, with all of the natural beauty in Maine, it is not uncommon for visitors to choose traditional camping over hotels. Maine is especially suited for campgrounds and most cities have campgrounds available to tired visitors. However, the best afternoon in Maine is undoubtedly spent by the water or in the woods, as it is easy to forget everyday troubles when surrounded by the gorgeous surroundings that are waiting around every corner.  

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