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Obviously, Kentucky fried chicken was invented in the Kentucky area codes, which placed the state of Kentucky on the international radar. Even children in Africa know about Kentucky merely because of the Kernel Sanders image on billboards that are scattered through rural areas. In contrast, the elite members of society are also familiar with Kentucky area codes, focusing on the glamorous aspects of the Kentucky lifestyle. For instance, every year the Kentucky Derby draws thousands of wealthy individuals from all over the world to this famous horse race. Of course, Kentucky also appeals to regular Americans who enjoy an occasional rendezvous with bluegrass music and are delighted when they are able to see a live bluegrass band perform. It quickly becomes apparent that Kentucky area codes appeal to every level of society around the world, making it a very special piece of the large quilt that makes up American culture.

Traveling through Kentucky area codes is always an enjoyable experience. Most Kentucky visitors are undeniably happy to enjoy the gorgeous Kentucky landscape. People who like seeing green fields and old structures are especially content in Kentucky. In fact, Kentucky earned its bluegrass reputation with many fields that are thriving with the picturesque bluegrass species. With its huge population of horses, Kentucky area codes are also known for their stunning stables and white picket fences. It is not uncommon to see quaint ranch homes and the necessary thoroughbred stallions scattered along the Kentucky countryside. As a result, tourists who enjoy nature and are horse enthusiasts are bound to find happiness in Kentucky. It is incredibly easy to find a stable for horseback riding lessons in Kentucky, whether you are an experienced rider or a beginner that has always had a love for horses. Children are frequently happy to just ride a pony and gaze at the huge horses that often compete in the annual horse races in Kentucky area codes. For those who live in Kentucky, the childhood dream of receiving a pony for one’s birthday is often realized, as horses are a way of life instead of something reserved for fairytales. The open Kentucky landscape is also ideal for runners and bicyclists. Much of the Kentucky terrain is suited for horseback riders to safely exercise their horses, which is obviously an advantage for runners and bicyclists. In busy cities, runners are often at risk in traffic, a risk which is virtually eliminated in Kentucky area codes. Kentucky also has several creeks and rivers that offer excellent opportunities for fishermen.

Tourists in Kentucky do not only have nature activities available to them. Obviously, Kentucky area codes are rich in natural resources but they also have intellectually stimulating activities.

For instance, the Bowling Green, KY area code has a wide variety of cultural activities available to visitors. The Kentucky Museum and Library is an obvious choice, but the Bowling Green area code also has many smaller galleries that are unique to Kentucky. In contrast, the Lexington area code is widely regarded for its horses. However, the Lexington area code has much more than horses to offer its visitors. For instance, Lexington holds an art fair each year that showcases the artwork of a wide selection of local artists. A great tip for tourists in Kentucky area codes is to look at the smaller and hidden attractions. Kentucky might not have the flashy big buildings but they do have a culture that is distinct to the region. Accordingly, Kentucky art work that celebrates its natural beauty and prized horses can easily be found in smaller art galleries and local festivals. Similarly, bluegrass music festivals are a popular attraction in Kentucky, and thousands of people come from neighboring states to attend. Consequently, it is easy to see that Kentucky is best enjoyed when taken for what it is instead of expecting it to conform to the big city ideal.

People who live in Kentucky area codes take pride in their state. Kentucky natives are generally hospitable, friendly, and eager to tell others about the perks of living in their state. From the bluegrass areas to Pine Mountain, Kentucky is blessed with a varied landscape that is suited for various endeavors. City life in Kentucky is also quite enjoyable, and locals savor the small town feel. Nevertheless, places in Kentucky such as the Louisville area code recreate the big city environment on a smaller scale. Kentucky residents definitely do not have to sacrifice big city conveniences such as well trained medical specialists, concert halls, and maintained roads. Living in harmony with nature, people in Kentucky area codes have essentially proven the value that natural elements can contribute to daily life. There is something uniquely pleasant about working in a skyscraper but still being able to go home and go for a run in an open landscape. The more than 4 million Kentucky residents tend to agree with this scenario, and it is further corroborated by the population increases that the state is experiencing each year. A little over 2% of people in Kentucky were born outside of the United States, which makes it a truly American state. International influences are at a minimum in Kentucky area codes, and American culture tends to thrive in the many small communities. With strong British, German, and Irish roots, European customs are rather prevalent. Accordingly, it is ridiculously easy to find a tearoom that offers high tea or to find an Irish restaurant in Kentucky. German restaurants featuring bratwurst and sauerkraut are also prevalent in Kentucky area codes, which is also undoubtedly due to the German ancestry of Kentucky residents. Obviously, living in Kentucky offers residents the opportunity to maintain their heritage and belong to a close knit community, an opportunity that not many people are willing to pass up.

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