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Indiana is home to Santa Claus, or at least the person responding to Santa Claus’ mail around Christmas time. In fact, there is actually a city in Indiana that is named Santa Claus, making it the perfect address for the wish lists of eager and hopeful youngsters across the United States. Luckily for the hopeful children, the residents in Santa Claus, Indiana take their town’s name seriously. As a result, each child receives a personal response that is written by the many elves that volunteer each year.

Many people do not know that Indiana is one of the smallest states based upon land area in America. However, Indiana area codes still manage to cram nearly 6.5 million people into the state, which makes Indiana the 15th most populous state in the country. Accordingly, it is easy to surmise that Indiana must be a fairly close knit community, especially with all of the people living within close proximity of each other. This deduction is not far from the truth, as Midwestern Indiana area codes are definitely known for their people’s hospitality. In fact, Indiana residents are always ready to lend a helping hand to a friend or neighbor who is in need. The culture in Indiana can be easily described as traditional, and many people in the state adhere to cultural traditions that can be traced to the state’s very beginnings.

Indiana area code residents can largely be described as having the best of both worlds. The natural beauty in Indiana is first rate, but the economy is also thriving. Indiana residents have been able to maintain growing industries without sacrificing clear skies and wonderful forests. For example, Indiana residents have plenty of ski resorts, hiking trails, bicycle paths, camping grounds, fishing areas, lake activities, and many other options for entertainment. When visitors arrive in any particular Indiana area code, they are frequently surprised to find out that in addition to a beautiful terrain, the state also has a great economy. There are few places in the world where people can enjoy natural beauty without sacrificing their job security.

Most industrial cities are overcrowded, damaged by pollution, and have residents that are cold and aloof. Indiana contrasts that stereotype with a nature friendly attitude that goes hand in hand with a strong work ethic.

Employment in Indiana is plentiful and relatively easy to find. Household incomes in Indiana are high ranking in the United States. It is not uncommon for the median income in any one of the Indiana area codes to be between $50,000 and $75,000. Obviously, a median income that high undoubtedly exceeds the national average. Of course, the state capital of Indianapolis has one of the highest incomes in Indiana. Nevertheless, the Indianapolis area code is definitely not the only area code in Indiana that has a surprisingly high median income. Additionally, the Indiana unemployment rate has remained consistently below the national unemployment rate. Indiana is one of the leading agricultural producers in the United States, which has helped secure its economy. For instance, corn, soybeans, and other popular vegetables are commonly grown in Indiana area codes. Additionally, several companies have their headquarters in Indiana area codes, which has supplied the region with countless job opportunities. The cost of living is much lower in the Indiana area code when compared to the rest of the United States. Accordingly, Indiana is an optimal place for new companies to start operations, as they are able to offer comparatively low salaries to very skilled workers.

Indiana is also a fairly educated state. Several popular and reputable academic institutions for higher learning are located in Indiana, which gives locals as well as students from other states the opportunity to further their education. Universities in Indiana include but are not limited to Indiana University, Ball State University, Vincennes University, University of Southern Indiana, Butler University, DePauw University, Purdue University, and most notably the University of Notre Dame. All of these academic institutions have successfully added to Indiana’s reputation for pristine education. The University of Notre Dame consistently ranks high as both an undergraduate and graduate research university in the United States. Not surprisingly, the University of Notre Dame is particularly talented at placing alumni in suitable jobs after graduation. In fact, graduates of the University of Notre Dame have one of the highest median salaries in the United States. Beyond earning capacity, the University of Notre Dame is also renowned for its business school, philosophy program, and architecture program. With a wide variety of disciplines available to students, Notre Dame also offers many other educational opportunities to students.

Living in Indiana area codes is undoubtedly a rather unique experience for democratically affiliated individuals. Indiana’s predominant religious denomination is Roman Catholic, and most long term Indiana residents are affiliated with Roman Catholicism in one way or another. Indiana also has a large Protestant community, which further adds to the religious nature of the state. For instance, a large proportion of Indiana residents affiliate with the Republican political party, which has a reputation for its conservative stance on controversial issues. Fittingly, the University of Notre Dame is also classified as a Catholic university. Accordingly, it is easy to see how religious affiliations permeate nearly every aspect of society in the state of Indiana. In fact, St. Meinrad Archabbey is also located in Indiana, and is one of only eleven archabbeys in the world. Monks at St. Meinrad Archabbey have dedicated their lives to religious prayer and work, something that is definitely not frequently seen in the United States. The presence of St. Meinrad Archabbey in the Indiana area code further contributes to the state’s religious affiliation, and also its reputation in the United States and the world for being a conservative community.

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