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Area Codes In Hawaii

Stunning waters and enticing volcanoes are associated with Hawaii area codes, which undoubtedly help keep its thriving tourism industry alive. Even though Hawaii is technically a part of the United States, it has a culture that is distinctly its own. For example, Hawaii is not located on the continental United States, which allows it to progress without direct influence from bordering states.

Hawaiian culture is characterized by the relaxed island way of life and a unique language. Hawaiian natives speak the Hawaiian language, which is of Polynesian origins. The Hawaiian language is incredibly difficult to learn and only about 27,000 people in the world are native speakers. Accordingly, the Hawaiian language is endangered and linguists are afraid that the language may soon die out. Another language that is common in Hawaii area codes is the Hawaii Pidgin English or Hawaii Creole English, which is commonly referred to as Pidgin or HCE. Pidgin is spoken by many Hawaiian residents, and there are more than 600,000 speakers on the island. The Pidgin language is a combination of Hawaiian, Cantonese, Portuguese, and several other languages. Most distinctly, the Pidgin language transforms many English words with unique pronunciations. For instance, Pidgin speakers would pronounce the word think as tink. Many companies in the Hawaii area code take advantage of the language by directly appealing to Hawaiian natives in their advertising by using the Pidgin language. Hawaiian residents often glance over advertisements that are directed at tourists but would stop and look twice when the Pidgin language is used.

The Hawaiian archipelago is geographically stunning. Many mountains span the coastline, which is one of the longest in the United States. For example, Mauna Kea is the highest point in Hawaii and is actually taller than Mount Everest.

Dated to be more than one million years old, Mauna Kea was an active volcano at one point in time. Currently, Mauna Kea is most known for the spectacular views it offers of astronomical phenomena from its summit. Mauna Kea is conveniently located outside of the busy city life, offering dark skies that are ideal for stargazing. The lack of light pollution and the virtual non-existence of atmospheric pollution also contribute to its stargazing attributes. Accordingly, 13 observation facilities from more than ten countries are located in Mauna Kea, including the NASA infrared Telescope Facility. Tourists, who are less interested in science and more interested in stunning views, prefer heading to the Hawaii Volcanoes National park. Safe viewing sites are all over the island and allow tourists to get up close and personal to active volcanoes. There are few other places in the world where you can safely stand on dried lava flows. Most spectacularly, the Hawaii area code is home to unique beaches that have black sand, which is made up of lava. Panaluu Beach is located on the Big Island and has stunning black sand that is contrasted by crystal clear waters. If you are lucky, you may even spot a rare sea turtle coming out of the ocean at this famous black sand beach. Beware though that even though the black sand is tempting to take home, it is not legally allowed. Hawaiians are very superstitious and believe that removing the black sand angers one of their Hawaiian goddesses, Pele.

A luau is one of Hawaii’s most celebrated cultural exports. People all over the world enjoy hosting their versions of the Hawaiian luau for various celebrations. Traditionally, the luau is characterized by a feast that generally includes a roasted pork as well as song and dance. People generally use leis at luau themed parties to further incorporate the Hawaiian culture in the celebration. A lei is a Hawaiian word for a wreath made from flowers. Historically, a lei is given to an individual as a sign of love and many customs are tied to the giving of a lei. In fact, it is considered inappropriate to trash a lei, as it should be taken back to the place where the flowers were originally gathered. If returning it to the place where the flowers were gathered seems impossible, then the lei should be destroyed in an honorable manner such as through burial or burning. However, in popular culture the lei is overused and has largely lost its meaning as a symbol of love in the continental United States.  In fact, artificial leis can be easily bought at party supply stores, which turn the symbolic lei into a party prop.

Living in Hawaii area codes is very expensive. Purchasing a home in Hawaii easily costs more than three times the national average. However, many people still choose to live in a place where others only dream of one day vacationing. If you are fortunate enough to be able to vacation in the Hawaii area code, it is important to be aware of Hawaii’s unique customs. For example, only people who are native to Hawaii are truly considered to be Hawaiian. Caucasian or Asian individuals who live in the Hawaii area code never truly become Hawaiian. Furthermore, people who live in Hawaii are not entertained or flattered by people who try to speak Pidgin English. Even though a tourist might find it humorous to attempt to speak in the Hawaiian dialect, natives are generally annoyed by non fluent speakers. On that same note, Hawaiian residents are able to speak English. Asking someone who appears to be Hawaiian if they speak English is similar to asking an Australian if they speak English. Even though Hawaii appears to be a country that is separate from the United States, it is vital to remember that its residents are still Americans. It might be easy to forget something that simple when you are constantly surrounded by a new culture that is starkly contrasted to the farmlands back in Iowa; still, locals appreciate educated guests who understand their heritage.

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