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Area Codes In Florida

With a population that is steadily approaching 18 million, locals also enjoy Florida’s long coastline and attractions. In the United States, the Florida area code has the longest coastline, which stretches across 1,350 miles. As you follow the Florida coastline south, you will quickly realize that Florida area codes vary greatly in culture and climate. Nevertheless, the great diversity of Florida area codes make this state an ideal destination for tourists who want various vacation experiences.

The Manatee is native to the Caribbean, and easy to track down in Florida area codes. Also known as a “sea cow,” manatees are massive animals that frequently weigh almost 600 kilograms. Florida’s large coastline and many freshwater springs are ideal habitats for manatees. As a result, tourists and locals in Florida area codes can go scuba diving or snorkeling with the manatees. As a friendly species, it is safe for people to swim right alongside a giant manatee.  There are many programs available in Florida area codes that take tourists on boat rides right to where the manatees congregate and allow them to socialize with the friendly, wild manatees.

A certain Florida area code is also the home of Sea World, where many cute and entertaining ocean creatures are held in captivity for the entertainment of tourists. SeaWorld in Orlando offers programs that allow direct interaction with dolphins for a nominal fee. Individuals who do not wish to get too close and personal with dolphins can opt to view one of their many shows. More than 6 million visitors flock to SeaWorld Orlando each year in hopes of catching a glimpse of a killer whale and to watch sea lions perform. In fact, SeaWorld’s specialty is training animals such as dolphins, whales, sea lions, and otters to perform human-like tasks to the delight of visitors who grew up watching movies such as Flipper.

In order to further entertain guests, SeaWorld also offers roller coasters that combine ocean themes with adrenaline inducing rides. Kraken is one of the most popular rides in SeaWorld and is famous for its floorless design. Nevertheless, attractions including a Dolphin Nursery and Penguin Exhibit steal the show as visitors are able to view ocean creatures from just a few feet away.

Most notably, Miami is an international center of trade and tourism in the Florida area code. Miami residents enjoy world class entertainment and business opportunities. Accordingly, it is not unusual to spot many international tourists from countries such as Germany and England enjoying what Miami has to offer. For instance, Lincoln Road on South Beach has a large array of luxury shops and restaurants. A tourist can easily spend several thousands of dollars at a single store and pay more than $400 for a meal in this exclusive district. Miami is also a hub for nightlife in Florida. In fact, Miami has some of the most well-known clubs in the United States and even the world. Visitors to Miami expect the best and these clubs do not disappoint. Celebrities are frequently found vacationing on Miami’s beaches and opening up bottles of expensive drinks in clubs at night. Accordingly, Miami’s hot spots are often mentioned in international tabloids and American gossip blogs. Celebrity presence is also felt in Miami’s dining options. For example, the DeVito South Beach Restaurant was opened by the actor Danny Devito. Unlike many other celebrity owned restaurants, Devito South Beach has received raving reviews and is fully booked for months in advance. Many restaurants and clubs in the Miami area code are actually difficult to get into, which is why Miami is one of the few cities in the United States where who you know becomes of utmost importance.

Many Florida area codes are obviously known for their booming economies which are supported by tourism. However, many individuals forget about the educational opportunities that Florida area codes have to offer. The University of Florida and the University of Miami attract many top students from around the country. Both universities have extremely competitive acceptance rates, and consistently rank high. Furthermore, the University of Florida is one of the biggest in the United States and has an endowment that is over $1 billion. Naturally, these universities are also known throughout the world for their excellent academics and outstanding alumni. Both universities have great athletic departments, especially in football. As a result, the student lifestyle consists of tail gaiting and celebratory parties throughout the academic year. Regardless, alumni tend to perform well in the real world and these big parties do not usually distract students too much from their academic coursework. It should be noted though that there are many more distractions in Miami than in Gainesville where the University of Florida is located. Students at the University of Miami must deal with balancing the regular tail gaits as well as the bustling Miami nightlife with their challenging coursework. It is not unusual for freshman at the University of Miami to drop out after their first semester after not being able to successfully balance parties with academics. Of course, this is to be expected of almost any university that is located within such close proximity to a gorgeous coastline.

Tourists from the northern United States undoubtedly look forward to annual vacations in Florida area codes. There are only a couple other states that can compete with Florida’s attractions. A tourist in Florida can easily spend the morning with Mickey Mouse at Disney and be clubbing in Miami by the time that the sun sets. Furthermore, beaches are easily accessible all over Florida area codes, and most places are within a three hour drive from the ocean. People who live or vacation in the middle of the Florida area code may be a few hours from the beach but they still have the springs that function well for their recreation. The springs actually attract many visitors during the summer because the water stays consistently cool throughout. Florida’s oceans are generally warm and heat up to uncomfortably hot and sauna-like temperatures during the summer. Accordingly, water in Florida’s natural springs is the perfect place to cool off when temperatures start to spike in the summertime.

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