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Area Codes In Colorado

Updated: March 23rd 2017

Colorado’s appetite for business has resulted in a high per capita income for its residents. Colorado residents do not only enjoy affluence, they also enjoy a high quality of life with all of the fresh air and outdoor activities that are both readily available in the state.

Colorado area codes are some of the healthiest in North America. Fewer than one in five people in Colorado are obese, which is remarkably lower than the national average in the United States. Most people in Colorado enjoy active and healthy lifestyles, which has successfully kept their collective waistlines from expanding along with the rest of the country. However, fast food restaurants are gaining in popularity and Colorado residents are quickly becoming vulnerable to the same obesity that has taken over the United States. However, the expansive farmlands in Colorado have made fresh produce easily available to residents. By growing nutritious crops right where they live, residents in Colorado frequently take advantage of the low cost of fresh produce.

Residents of Colorado area codes obviously like to eat. With its close proximity to Texas, Arizona, and New Mexico, residents of Colorado area codes are spoiled with a large variety of Southwestern cuisine. Colorado residents enjoy slow cooked chilies and fajitas loaded with delicious ingredients. Colorado has essentially taken the best parts of Mexican cuisine and created a Southwestern version of it. Accordingly, Mexican cuisine found in Colorado area codes frequently uses significant amounts of meat. Unfortunately, meat is known to increase cholesterol levels, which may ultimately hurt the healthy reputation that Colorado residents have throughout the United States. Instead of focusing on healthier Mexican cuisine options such as rice and beans, dishes that include huge amounts of cheese and meat are the most popular. For instance, quesadillas and chili served with huge amounts of cheese are some of the favorite entrees of residents in the Southwestern portion of the United States.

Surprisingly, Colorado is also known for its Colorado grapes. The vineyards that are located by the Rocky Mountains produce grapes that have a unique and desirable taste.

Sunny days along the slope of the Rocky Mountains have contributed to the vineyards’ success. Making Colorado grapes even more unique is the high elevation of the vineyards where they are produced. Few other vineyards in the world can compete with the nearly 7,000 feet elevation of some of Colorado’s finest vineyards. More than 100 commercial vineyards take advantage of the unique locations in Colorado area codes.

Colorado area codes entice many travelers each year. The diverse terrain is host to bustling cities such as the state’s capital, Denver as well as more rustic locales near the Rocky Mountains. Colorado visitors frequently enjoy spending a few days touring museums in the bigger cities of Denver and Boulder. However, Colorado’s most well-known destinations are undoubtedly Aspen and Vail. The wealthy flock comes to Aspen each winter in order to take advantage of its stunning ski slopes and world class shopping experiences. On the other hand, middle class Americans prefer Vail for its more affordable prices, making it the second biggest ski resort in North America.

It is difficult to travel to the Colorado area code and not participate in one of its outdoor activities. Snowmobiling, skiing, snow shoeing, and hiking are some of the state’s most popular past times. However, few people outside of Colorado are also aware that the state is a perfect place to go fishing. More than 2,000 lakes and reservoirs makes Colorado area codes ideal for catching various fish in both warm and cold waters. Of course, with all of that rugged terrain Colorado is also a favorite destination of adventure seekers from across the country. Thousands of adrenaline junkies pile into rafts each year to experience Colorado’s white water rafting. In fact, the Arkansas River, which runs through Colorado, attracts more white water rafters than most other places in the United States. Individuals who want to see Colorado’s rivers up close without putting their life on the line can do so in calmer waters and on a kayak instead of a raft.

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