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Where Is Area Code 859?

Surprisingly, Lexington, Kentucky is not home to the Kentucky Derby, but there would more than likely not be a Kentucky Derby if the city of Lexington stopped producing its magnificent horses. The soil in Lexington is perfect for pastureland, which is greatly appreciated by horse breeders and their horses in the region. The 859 area code covers the city of Lexington as well as several other cities in central Kentucky. Uniquely, area code 859 spells out the acronym for the University of Kentucky on most phone keypads, and acts as a tribute to the university.

Most residents in the 859 area code are educated with at least a Bachelor’s degree. In fact, Lexington ranks tenth in the United States for its high university education rate. The University of Kentucky’s presence in the 859 area code undoubtedly has something to do with this statistic. In fact, UK has consistently achieved remarkable ratings in research, which has correspondingly attracted some of the best and brightest students in the United States to the 859 area code. UK’s programs in psychology are especially well-known and other programs in the sciences continue to garner national recognition. For instance, the university is ranked 19th in the United States for its research programs.

Besides the University of Kentucky, Transylvania University is also located in the 859 area code. Although the university’s name might suggest a connection to Romania or Bram Stoker’s novel, Transylvania University does not have any connection to the sort. In fact, students at Transylvania University take advantage of the thriving academic institution’s courses and excellent faculty. Nevertheless, the 1,100 students in Lexington who choose to attend Transy are usually most interested in activities that do not involve academics. For example, Transylvania University is one of the top universities in the United States for fraternities and sororities. It is incredibly difficult to attend Transy and avoid joining a sorority or fraternity. Greek life is huge on campus and social networking is taken to an entirely new level in the university’s Greek system.  Obviously, Transylvania University has a remarkably small student body, which results in close knit student ties. Without a Greek system, the traditions at the university would continue to bond new students together and foster a sense of community.

Living in the Lexington area code is much like living in another major city in the United States. However, living in the 859 area code does come with several perks. For instance, city streets in the region are especially neat and tidy. In fact, Lexington is one of the cleanest cities in the country.

Furthermore, most residents in Lexington are quite happy. The unemployment rate is very low and job security is at an all time high. While the rest of the country is suffering from a recession, the 859 area code is consistently mentioned as one of the best cities in the United States to start a new business or career. Employers include several Fortune 500 companies as well as other companies that supply the city’s residents with employment opportunities. For instance,, Hewlett Packard, and Jiff all have a significant presence in the Lexington, Kentucky area code. The peanut butter brand Jiff produces all of its peanut butter in Lexington. As one of the most popular peanut butter brands in the United States, the Jiff factory produces the most peanut butter in entire world. If you are not allergic to peanuts and enjoy the tasty treat, you should definitely consider touring the Jiff peanut butter factory in the 859 area code. You may get lucky and gain entrance into the test tasting lab where all of their top secret peanut butter recipes are developed.

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Besides jobs, there are tons of reasons why Lexington, Kentucky residents love living in the 859 area code. The city is rich with history, which has resulted in a variety of fairs and festivals throughout the year. The region is definitely known for its Bluegrass Music Festival but smaller art and music festivals are also greatly enjoyed by residents in area code 859. In fact, Lexington is geographically located in the Blue Grass region, which is known for its namesake music and gorgeous scenery. Tourists in the region as well as residents also regularly visit many of the historical landmarks and museums in the region. For instance, the Hunt-Morgan House and Mary Todd Lincoln House are both popular stops in Lexington. If you are interested in a guided tour and thorough explanation of Lexington’s rich heritage, the Lexington History Center will fill you in on everything that is important to know about area code 859.

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