Area Code 606

Where Is Area Code 606?

The 606 area code is also known for the city of Hazard, which was highlighted in the television show The Dukes of Hazzard. Later on the show was turned into a film, which was widely popular for its witty humor that pokes fun at people who live in more rural regions of the United States. As of 1999, the 606 area code also started covering the rest of Eastern Kentucky when it was split off from the 859 area code.

Ashland is an important city in the state of Kentucky. Residents in Ashland are mostly employed by the steel or medical industries in the 606 area code. The King’s Daughters Medical Center in Ashland is the largest employer in the city and also supports the local economy. The huge private and not-for-profit medical center is respected throughout Kentucky and the United States for its excellent health services. Individuals from all over Kentucky tend to go to the King’s Daughters Medical Center when they require specialty medical treatments. In fact, the cardiac surgery center at King’s Daughters Medical Center is one of the top 5% in the United States. AK Steel Holding also has a facility in Ashland, and is a big contributor to the local economy. With revenue that was in excess of $4 billion in 2009, AK Steel Holding has undoubtedly shared its wealth with the 606 area code.

London, Kentucky is one of the most popular places in the 606 area code. Although the city barely has 8,000 residents, it attracts nearly a quarter of a million people each year to its World Chicken Festival.

It is one of the largest tourism events in Kentucky and was also voted “Best Festival In State” by the Kentucky Monthly. Attractions at the festival include a parade, car show, rides, and the World’s Largest Skillet. Prepare to eat tons of fried chicken at this festival in the 606 area code, or leave hungry. Chicken enthusiasts are particularly at home at the festival, and enjoy participating in its many contests. To many people in area code 606, winning the Clucking Contest or the grand prize at the Chick-O-Lympics is a lifetime achievement while others enjoy the hilarity associated with the Redneck Games. For the rest of the year there are not any other major events in London, while the city recovers from the chicken take over that occurs every summer.

Major City In Area Code 606



One of the smallest cities in the 606 area code is Somerset, Kentucky. The city can best be described as quaint and its approximately 11,000 residents all tend to know each other. Gossip spreads like wildfire in Somerset, and there is quite a bit to gossip about in this city which prohibits the sale of certain beverages. Even though the Prohibition was repealed in 1933, the Somerset portion of the 606 area code preferred to maintain its ban. Very few people purposefully visit Somerset, but some do find themselves in the region either by chance or because they were born there. Nevertheless, Somerset is located close to Lake Cumberland, which is a huge tourist destination in the United States. Accordingly, many lost tourists accidentally stumble across Somerset either because of a failed GPS unit or out of pure curiosity.

Much like Somerset, the city of Paintsville was “dry” and also maintained the ban for many years after the Prohibition ended. However, in 2009, the city did start to allow certain stores in the Paintsville portion of the 606 area code to sell these beverages. This change will most likely not have any major effect in the city, as most individuals there already know how to practice self restraint. Furthermore, the crime rate in Paintsville is particularly low and residents rarely see a violent crime taking place in the 606 area code.

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